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Vince Flynn Term Limits

❶I really hope that if Kyle Mills ever decides to write a book between Kill Shot and Transfer of Power , this is the plot he crafts the story around.

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Term limits, Vince Flynn

In an effort to overcome the difficulties of dyslexia , Flynn forced himself into a daily writing and reading routine. His newfound interest in such novels motivated him to begin work on a novel of his own. While employed as a bartender in the St. Paul area, he completed his first book, Term Limits , which he then self-published. It is without a doubt the most disheartening and enlightening book about politics that I've ever read. I was out jogging one day wondering what it would take to really change Washington , when my thoughts turned to a friend who had been shot and killed in Washington, D.

As I continued running, a story started to unfold. Pocket Books published the hardcover edition of Term Limits in , and the mass market paperback of Term Limits in , which spent several weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. Subsequent works, including Flynn's novel, Transfer of Power , his novel The Third Option and his novel Separation of Power , also appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, with Separation of Power reaching as high as 7.

With the exception of his first novel Term Limits , his works centered around counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp. His release, Extreme Measures , became the ninth novel in the series.

He remembered deciding between following the path that was the most uncomfortable—continuing with what looked to be a promising career as a commercial real estate leasing agent—or taking a big risk and start a new career as a writer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura was negotiating to produce Mitch Rapp films.

The first film, American Assassin , was released on September 15, Atria Books got worldwide rights to four books by the author. It is still in GOOD condition. No one, they warn, is out of their reach -- not even the president.

A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will Cloak and Dagger rare first with complete number line.

Vintage signature so signed early. One minor bump to corner as seen in picture. Transfer of Power A couple have small splits on the You are looking at 2 Books by by Vince Flynn Paperbacks ; you will receive them together. The books are in good condition. This title was first published in by Cloak and Dagger and then by Pocket Books in This is the third incarnation publish It was signed by Vince Flynn on title page.

They are both in Very Good condition. Executive Power has a remainder mark. They are both First Edition and First Printing. All the President and his Chief of Staff care about are the public opinion polls and their reelection chances.

Typical politics in Washington until two honest Senators are killed. Only this time their federal agent bodyguards are killed along with them. Secrets are threatened to be unleashed and no one knows if and when the assassins will strike next.

And there is no Mitch Rapp to save the day and even if Rapp wasn't still in college or High School he probably would have opted to help the assassins so that is the tone of the story. This is my 7th Vince Flynn novel and Term Limits is just as good as his other works even without his star character Mitch Rapp.

Jan 10, Devon Hernandez rated it it was amazing. Fast-paced political intrigue is excellent! Read this on the recommendation of a friend, and wasn't disappointed.

Working on the rest of the "Mitch Rapp" books by this author. It also made me think hard about the plot and how that would play out in real-life: Definitely makes the brain waves work. Oct 19, Jeff rated it really liked it Shelves: American citizens are shocked—and even pleased—when several corrupt politicians are assassinated. A group of commandos is responsible for the killings.

While the president and his administration are justifiably befuddled, a second group who kills more politicians muddies the water even further. The storyline is relevant to today. Compared to his other books, this is more reading.

Dec 22, Robert Beardsley rated it liked it Shelves: Liked it didn't love it because the viewpoint is so far right wing it borders fascism and that soured me.. Yes, i am angry at some of the crap that goes on in government but not as angry as the novel portrays.

The novel could have more likely been set in a third world country when people take the law into their own hands and depose politicians at will.

Despite its viewpoint, the novel is imminently readable and very well constructed. View all 6 comments. Not an easy book to write this, I guess.

When just about everyone - certain politicians excepted - would think "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! And a brave theme for Vince Flynn to take on in his first outing as a writer.

Though, it may not be his very, very first I suspect. Either that, or he sprang into the game from nowhere as a fully-fledged brilliant writer of this sort of thing. Because, this is an absolutely superb book. From the "oh, good lord, Not an easy book to write this, I guess. From the "oh, good lord, how is he going to write that! It features several characters who also continue into the Mitch Rapp series proper, including one, I won't say who, who really shouldn't get out of this book either alive, or without having spent a long time in jail, but nothing of what they do here, is ever mentioned in the subsequent series.

I did find that a little strange. Read it, see what you think. It's here that you can see why the political stuff in the later books was so good, so compulsive. He really can write this sort of thing absolutely perfectly. I can't guess his politics, but I'd be pretty sure he sees the world the same was as me, which is very cool.

I read this after I've read all the Mitch Rapp series, through not really knowing about it, rather than meaning to. I'd say, like me, you could read this wherever you are in the series. Start with it and the rest will make sense. Finish with it and your admiration for Vince Flynn will just increase. What a talent was taken away from us. The best book blog: Speesh Reads The best Facebook Page: Apr 01, William rated it it was amazing.

Very good stand alone that, without given credit, turned into the Mitch Rapp series. From the point of view of this site, and others like it, I find no reason that this book was not tagged as a prequel to Rapp series; there are a half dozen characters that will carry on.

I've read six Rapp books and Coleman was explained more in "Term Limits" than those six. So, if someone wants to start Rapp I would recommend "Term Limits" first. This was another action packed thriller from Vince Flynn. This one featured a protagonist other than Mitch Rapp which made for an interesting change. The action was pretty much non-stop, and ended with a great climax. This book gives new meaning to the phrase "term limits". An amazing suspenseful tell all tale about corruption, assassinations and a perfect example of the need for term limits on elected officials in Washington.

In this thriller three Congressmen are assassinated by Ex-American Commandos merely carrying out what they have been trained to do. Protect America from its enemies by any means necessary. The only catch is, they have realized the more potent threats are actually in Washington rather than overseas.

The national debt was only trillion at t An amazing suspenseful tell all tale about corruption, assassinations and a perfect example of the need for term limits on elected officials in Washington. The national debt was only trillion at the time of this book's writing and that was unacceptable to these Ex-Navy SEALS, imagine today, with Violence, of course is not the answer, but you can make a difference at the voting booth.

This book is very capable of waking up the apathetic people of America to the self serving political games being played in Washington. Nov 07, Craig rated it really liked it Shelves: A certain faction, not pleased with the litany of broken promises and misguided programs made by corrupt politicians deemed destructive of the nation's national security and continuance , take matters into their own hands and kill two Senators and two Congressmen within a matter of days.

There are many twists and turns. The plot is well conceived although significant portions of the plot line are implausible and diminish the viability of the story. Nevertheless, it was an engrossing read. I disagreed with the author's use of profanity and believe a truly great author can tell a story without stooping to profanity.

In my estimation, a great writer need not and will not use profanity. Apr 25, Mr. Gottshalk rated it really liked it. Well, I have never read Vince Flynn before, but now I see why his books have sold millions of copies worldwide! There are many layers to the plot, many characters who are all after various things - from justice, to power, to money, to revenge. I have to admit that there was enough intrigue to keep me turning pages in this lengthy novel, although the more I read, the stinkier it got like an onion , because it exposes what ails Washington, D.

I would hope that the real politicians in our nation Well, I have never read Vince Flynn before, but now I see why his books have sold millions of copies worldwide! I would hope that the real politicians in our nation's capital are not this corrupt, but it's hard to say. The book is nearly 20 years old but the subjects of national debt and security are prevalent today. Dec 07, Syd deertales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 08, David Lafferty rated it liked it.

I heard good things about the late Vince Flynn. Although I enjoyed this book, I still find myself comparing his writing to Daniel Silva. It's good, but doesn't measure up to Silva. Some cool domestic politics stuff, but I found the characters kind of thin, and frankly while the writing is very good, it's not great. I guess I'm just spoiled. Good plane read though.

Mar 30, Todd Hickman rated it really liked it Shelves: This novel is full of excitement and full of plausible insider tidbits about the workings of Washington, DC, behind the scenes. The premise is a bit impossible and I felt a bit guilty in rooting for the brutal way that the small band of "patriots" decided to turn the country toward a path of fiscal responsibility. But it made for a fast-paced read, with lots of twists.

Nothing much seems to have changed since the novel was written: I liked it and think it's worth a look. I describe this book as an extremely exciting adventure hike full of action and mystery, but this one detail at the end was the equivalent to having a little pebble stuck in your shoe for the whole hike.

That is why I gave it 3 stars and not the stars I honestly probably would have if it wasn't for it. This detail to me was just a thorn in my side for the rest of the story, but that's me and I'm pretty sure almost everyone else would over look it.

I would still highly recommend this book as I describe this book as an extremely exciting adventure hike full of action and mystery, but this one detail at the end was the equivalent to having a little pebble stuck in your shoe for the whole hike. Breaking my own rule and giving five stars to a thriller. My first Vince Flynn book, and I immediately started on a second. Term Limits is taut, fast paced, totally believable, and nearly impossible to put down.

The assassination of two senators and a congressman put Washington into an uproar.


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Term Limits (Not A Mitch Rapp Book) Purchase Term Limits: Print, Audio Book And eBook Print Book And eBook. Unabridged Audio Book. Vince Flynn, the bestselling author of the Mitch Rapp thriller series died in after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was The fifth of seven children, Vince Flynn was born in St. Paul.

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Term Limits is the first book that I have read in the Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn and it was full of action with no time to put the book down. Even though the political thriller has pages Flynn never managed to make me bored and /5(K).

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Where Is Mitch Rapp During Term Limits? The first Mitch Rapp book I read was American Assassin. I remember it like it was yesterday, I got online and ran a search for all of Vince Flynn’s books in chronological order. Term Limits has 29, ratings and 1, reviews. C.J. said: This was my first Vince Flynn novel and I was thoroughly impressed. The plot was very well c /5.

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Vince Flynn¿s political thriller, Term Limits, has tapped into a large vein of American thinking. In one night the political fat cats of Washington DC got a shot across their bow. Three of the top corrupt politicians were executed with the precision of smart bombs ¿ leaving not a trace of forensic evidence that could lead the FBI in any /5(). Term Limits - Kindle edition by Vince Flynn. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Term Limits/5(K).