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Radiology Essay

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❶Since survey data relies on self-reported information, and since the levels of anxiety in a patient can increase and decrease based on the experience of the patient, it is possible that lack of care in working the question can actually increase the patient's anxiety.

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These are some…… [Read More]. Theoretical Foundations of Nursing First Half. Instead of viewing health as a universal concept, transcultural nursing attempts to understand the conceptual building blocks of the nursing profession as cultural products that are socially-constructed.

It strives to understand the similarities and differences between different health attitudes and practices Leininger First developed by Madeline Leininger, transcultural nursing is founded upon the idea that the "health care providers need to be flexible in the design of programs, policies, and services to meet the needs and concerns of the culturally diverse population, groups that are likely to be encountered" Transcultural nursing, , Current Nursing.

Nurses must be culturally astute and adapt their practices to patient's cultural needs as well as to physical needs. This concept has been somewhat controversial within the nursing profession given that Western medicine's emphasis on preserving life and optimizing treatment…… [Read More]. PACS replaces conventional radiological film and allows simultaneous computerized access by medical professionals and automation systems throughout the hospital and clinical environment.

PACS consists primarily of four components: One advantage of a PACS is the range of radiological image types which the system is compatible with, including X-ray photos, cyclopegia retinoscopy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging MI , radio isotopes, and ultrasound Biohealthmatics. Benefits of…… [Read More]. Healthcare Organization Marketing Plan.

Terrace Hospital Marketing Plan Marketing trategy -- Terrace Community Hospital ummary- Terrace Hospital is a smaller, community hospital, located in a suburb of a major city. There are a number of large urban hospitals within minutes of Terrace, but the focus for Terrace is as an expanded clinic that provides basic services for urgent care, seniors, obstetrics, general practice, counseling and education programs, radiology, complete blood work, and an osteo-care unit for citizens of the outlying communities that are minutes from Terrace, and thus quite a distance from the urban hospitals.

The hospital is reviewing its marketing plan in order to focus more on profitable and complete care, knowing that more complicated specializations are more available in the urban center. Major Health Concerns -- Quality pediatric care, childhood obesity and Type-II diabetes, alcohol and cigarettes, substance abuse, TDs, geriatric care, obesity and cardio-renal issues.

Target Patients- The community…… [Read More]. Healthcare Environment The last few decades have seen the healthcare environment change from one that was dictated by physicians to one that is dictated more by big business and government entities. That is particularly problematic, because that puts healthcare into the hands of people who are not really focused on helping people, and are, instead, focused on the financial aspects of ensuring that people get care.

While healthcare should be about taking care of people who are ailing, injured, or sick, it becomes who has the most money or the best insurance provider. There are a number of segments to the healthcare environment, as well, and they all play roles in the mission that involves caring for the health and well-being of the greater society. Among these segments is the pharmaceutical industry, which has provided medicines for more than years so that people with disease and health conditions could…… [Read More].

Conventional Tomography outlining the various aspects, issues and methods used. It has 10 sources. The field of medical imaging has been in existence for over one hundred years but new research and scientific breakthroughs have changed both its image and its role. The most common radiological investigation remains the conventional X-ray but a wide range of new and more efficient modalities have also been available for the past several decades. Amongst these methods is tomography, specifically in reference to this paper, Conventional Tomography.

Principle adiographs deal with the internal anatomy of bodies, commonly used to view bones, calcified material, and soft tissue masses. This area has branched out since the use of fluorescent dyes but still is limited by the fact that a conventional radiography is unable to display within the framework of two-dimensional…… [Read More]. Future Legislation The Impact on.

The independent physician groups and hospitals provide services under the organization's guidelines, but they may also care for patients who are not members. Opponents of the government having a primary role in health care financing state that managed care "raises the specter of rationing, lower quality, less freedom to choose physicians, interference with physicians' clinical autonomy, reduced access to specialty care and teaching hospitals, and increased government regulation.

While health care providers are expected "to provide…… [Read More]. Missed reast Carcinomas Mammography is a particular type of imaging which use an x-ray system, which has a low-dose for the purpose of detecting breast cancer at a very early stage.

Radboud warned that a treatment delay of more than three months for testicular carcinoma was associated with a "significantly decreased" five-year survival rate. The most commonly cited reason for this critical diagnostic delay was not monetary issues. Instead, the delay was often due to patients fear and embarrassment of the condition and the location of the condition in the body. Patients must conduct self-examinations on a regular basis, of course, and take responsibility for their own health.

However, after detection has been made of a suspicious testicular mass, the next step often is the…… [Read More]. SOP I stood by my younger sister when she fell from the giant tree in our backyard, her leg twisted behind her. She was crying, but I was doing my best to hold back my tears to help her feel strong.

At the hospital, the first sign that I would eventually follow a career path in radiology became clear. I saw my sister's x-ray. It looked exactly like the x-rays I had seen on television but with one big difference: My decision to be a radiographer was not an immediately transparent one, though.

I did not then and there become determined to be a radiological science professional. Instead, the experience planted a seed. This seed has since been nurtured and is…… [Read More]. Educational Development Is a Mix of Both. Educational development is a mix of both formal and informal learning conditions as assessment of my own educational experience has taught me.

I cannot say that one is more important than the other; each segment together has taught me different elements -- made me grow -- and combined in producing the 'me' that you see today. In his "Notes for an Obituary," Einstein once noted that the system of education was a deliberate intention on the part of the state to mislead youth. He distrusted all forms of education, and from his pre-adolescent days refused to be taught. Religious leaders, too, he felt were disillusioned and deluding society.

Yet Einstein felt that the fault belonged, not to the rabbi or to the priest, but with the force behind them that disregarded liberty of thought and made education compulsory.

As regards Einstein himself, he was determined that formal education would not…… [Read More]. Advances in Digital Medical Imaging. Advances in Digital Medical Imaging Origin In the past few decades advances in healthcare have emerged, as new forms of technological integration are implemented as part of the overall healthcare management system.

Healthcare providers, doctors and patients require more technological integration into the system providing real time data analysis and the possibility of enhancing medical knowledge. Digital medical image processing within the healthcare area has its origins in the 's when computed tomography was introduced as the first digital modality.

In the decades that followed, advances in digital medical imaging technology have dramatically affected the planning and design of diagnostic interventional radiology facilities. Soon after the advent of computerized…… [Read More].

Human Emotional Patterns There Are. Since survey data relies on self-reported information, and since the levels of anxiety in a patient can increase and decrease based on the experience of the patient, it is possible that lack of care in working the question can actually increase the patient's anxiety.

For example, a question that states "If the radiology department finds cancer in your bones The other major limitation to the survey design is that, in any self-report, there is a possibility for patients to answer in a way that is contrary to reality Snaith, In the case of anxiety research, the subject may not be aware of his or her levels of anxiety, or may choose to answer in such a way that denies the anxiety.

Radiologic Technology To be part of something that I can give my absolute one hundred percent to, along with having the perpetual opportunity to challenge myself to learn and grow, is a dream that any driven person intricately decorates through the course of their life. My niche, if I am being perfectly honest is being challenged.

I have always wanted to blend my scientific background with a chance to explore which is primarily why radiologic technology is the path for me! My interest in Radiologic Technology stems from the fact that it is absolutely quintessential when it comes to the medical field.

As we know, it is used for the production of images of all…… [Read More]. He gained attention in when he started using computed tomography CT to visualize human body parts. His creative work is based on a complete background research for example he researched about color usage in 3D image of computed tomography. He is also considered to be a pioneer of developing ainbow Technique. Through this technique contour line can be rendered into the rainbow colors to confine the 3D space.

By using ainbow Technique, Mr. His artwork won the award of Best Science Photo He had won gold, silver and bronze awards for his creative work in various categories in the year of Again in he…… [Read More]. Companion Diagnostics Translational Medicines.

Translational medicine is a new discipline, which covers studies on basic science, on human investigations, non-human investigations, and translational research Mankoff et al. Studies on humans discover the biology of disease and serve as foundation for developing therapies.

Non-human or non-clinical studies advance therapies for clinical use or use in human disease. And translational research refers to appropriate product development for clinical use. Translational research looks into the identity, purity and potency of a drug product during early clinical trial Mankoff et al. Translating the knowledge derived from basic sciences into clinical research and treatments is the task of translational medicine Nagappa There is a groaning need for this type of research on account of voluminous information in the information age.

Using this information is the challenge encountered by scientists and healthcare providers everywhere in the…… [Read More]. Estimates of cost savings from the reduction in film costs as well as through reduced work hours needed for the creation of images and the reading of images by physicians will lead to an average annual cost savings of between five hundred- and seven hundred and fifty-thousand dollars a year, leading to an overall cost benefit of one hundred- to three hundred and fifty-thousand dollars a year compared to traditional film production techniques Hoffman ; ath A ten percent reduction in costs could be achieved through increasing the competitiveness of a the bidding process amongst companies that produce the technologies necessary for a successful PACS, as well as through reducing the time and personnel involved in training programs.

This latter is not especially advisable, however, as indirect costs will likely be created though reductions in the efficacy of the adoption and a reduced improvement in treatment efficiencies and speeds…… [Read More].

Patel was one of the many corporate clients with whom I worked on several occasions, spending hours at a time confined to the flight cabin while crossing trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic paths. The conversations that come up while we are miles in the air range from what our favorite fruits are to movies, to -- as I learned that day -- how we best like to do our laundry.

Patel also told me the names of fruits and vegetables that I could barely pronounce at first but once I tried them in Bombay I have never been able to stop my cravings. One of the most enriching aspects of my career as a flight attendant has been my encounters and…… [Read More]. Improving Healthcare in a Typical.

This initiative would also relate to Initiative No. This approach could even benefit the hospital's Human Resources Service. For example, in their essay, "Determining the Size of the Temporary orkforce - an Inventory Modeling Approach," Harel and Herrer point out that determine the staffing levels at a hospital emergency room on a given night requires a determination of how many nurses and physicians are required as core employees in order to minimize staffing costs.

As the demand fluctuates from period to period we can adjust the workforce level by hiring agency temporary workers" In this regard, the authors note that a hospital inventory control system can be…… [Read More]. Finance and Hospitals Mission and Vision Statements Finance is a term which is generally associated with the management of money including assets and liabilities.

The most common association in everyday life may be the way income is managed to pay liabilities debts , and allocate funds to expenditure. This includes decision made regarding everyday events as well as major life decisions. The allocation of the income should be prioritized to satisfy liabilities or debts, and pay for essential expenditure. If funds are left over, non-essential expenditure may take place. Liabilities or debts which are seen in everyday life include the paying of mortgage and loan repayments, such as credit card…… [Read More].

Health Care Recruitment and Retention. Most such workers ply their trade in large hospitals, which average 21 imaging workers. Key to recruiting for rural hospitals is thus to outcompete the urban facilities, but they must also look to their own areas for talented people who can be guided into the profession.

Factors like training programs for career development solve problems both for facilities and workers. Workers like the control that such programs give them over career development -- this is a selling point both during the recruiting process and thereafter as well. For the hospital, such training results in workers who cost more, but who…… [Read More]. Occupational Health and Safety There. Combined with the human development index these studies showed that using parameters that affect the standards like education, longevity, and standard of living it is possible to predict the environmental health factors, and find the actual health indicators.

Corvalan; Briggs; Zielhuis, , p. Work place health actions tend to be concerned about disease prevention. So far it was up to the institutions to take care of workplace hazards. There were no proper evaluation methods. In Britain safety and health was not given any importance and this trend is changing with the claims filed by employees for damage.

Today employers are more concerned with health issues, and health promotion has gone beyond occupational health promotion. The quantitative analysis of risks…… [Read More].

The healthcare facility exclusively focuses its improved services on children's imaging. The work includes an assessment of both the internal as well as external environment which is important in allowing us to determine the full advantage associated with the CHOP brand, the strategic location of the facility as well as the purchase of the new and improved equipment to warrant the integrated marketing strategy.

The approach is however, threatened by the existence of another major hospital within Philadelphia that also offers pediatric imaging services. This risk will however be mitigated by CHOP's approach of focusing on pediatric imaging at an affordable price. Pediatric imaging is to form CHOP's niche market. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology, and is a system first developed by the AMA American Medical Association in "to convert widely accepted, uniform descriptions of medical, surgical and diagnostic services rendered by healthcare providers into five-numeric codes" Medical Coding Experts, p.

CPT codes are necessary in order for accurate reimbursement to be obtained for services rendered and procedures performed. Category one CPT codes are the standard set of codes, and are divided into six sections. Each section has a discrete span of numbers that applies to the procedures classified under that section heading. Achieving Your Goals The alarm is set for 7 AM, but my little girl woke me up early today to remind me of the exam.

I jump out of bed without a hint of grogginess and head downstairs to put on the coffee and help my daughter get ready for school.

All the while I smile to myself and try to calm my nerves. Opening the kitchen window, I take a deep breath of the fresh spring air. I have visualized this moment for years, during which I studied diligently for my radiology certificate. Although I love teaching at public school I finally made a decision last year to fulfill the other half of my dream. Drawn to the health professions as well as to education, I know that I can balance my two careers without stressing out.

I managed to secure a part-time job teaching at a private school…… [Read More]. Marketing Plan Mercy Medical Center. An appointment will enhance a woman's life by providing peace of mind knowing that there is no sign of breast disease or cancer or assisting with detection of breast disease or cancer and allow for a plan of action to take place for treatment.

Studies consistently show that low income, low educational attainment, lack of health insurance, inability to speak English, lack of awareness of breast cancer risks and screening methods, acculturation level and lack of physician referral play important roles in the lower rates of screening utilization by Hispanic and African-American women. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African-American women and they are more likely to be diagnosed with larger tumors and more advanced stages of…… [Read More].

Healthcare How Technology Has Changed. Report to Congress, June, , p. The various IT applications are stated to be within three categories including those of: Report to Congress, June , p. Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse. Since modern medicine can sustain patients with proper medical follow-up for years, it becomes incumbent on the profession to follow the patients and provide them with the knowledge and tracking to insure that they are observing the procedures and medications which prolong their quality of life.

Given hospitals' short-term orientation with the patients, there is a need to bridge patient care before, during and after acute-care visits. While there are some nursing specialties which can be regarded as solely hospital- or community-based, many of the specialties call for a more holistic notion of patient care. Psychiatric mental health nursing: Advanced practice roles for nurses…… [Read More]. Prevention of Central Line Infections. One possible explanation for the differences observed in the studies could be that the strengths of the chlorhexidine solution were different.

It could also be that over time more effective techniques have been developed in the application of the solution, as the results do appear to improve over time. There are limitations to the methodology of the study which are centered on the use of secondary data for analysis.

The use of secondary data allows a wider range of data to be gathered from across the U. However this puts the control of several variables beyond the researcher. The results of the techniques may have been affected by the application of different individuals, departments and hospitals, all of whom may vary techniques and other factors influencing the success of these techniques.

Health Care Financing Issue Analysis. While the study had a number of scientific limitations; the two most significant were: Evaluation As a result of the related research, hospitals will be using medical resident interns as a means of making up for the lack of doctors caused by financing concerns.

The redistribution of medical interns was expected to be completed before the next residency training year starts July 1, , however, it remains currently underway. The Association of American Medical Colleges has stated that the health care system would be better off if the cap were lifted so hospitals could respond to the needs of their communities, such as adding a new cardiology…… [Read More].

Organizing Medical Records One of the Most. One of the most important factors for proper billing and coding starts with the development of a well-documented and organized medical record. This is largely because patients and health care providers are normally faced with the need of keeping and providing medical records. These individuals are usually responsible for providing copies of their medical records to health care specialists and consultants. In most cases, medical records are typically organized in various ways including: This is a traditional patient record model that maintains reports depending on the source of documentation with each source of data containing a labeled section known as sectionalized record.

This is a more systematic method of documentation…… [Read More]. A Comprehensive Evaluation "Each year, buyers of CT scanners faced much-improved choice sets; the question is how valuable those improvements were," and thus this is a review to explore whether or not the acquisition of CT scanners are actually worth a hospital committing to such an expensive effort Ellickson et al.

Overall, the health benefits of CT scans are often extremely positive to patient care. Still, the machines and organizational costs tied to their maintenance are often costly to both the organization and the patients. Yet, the purchase of such technology does provide greater quality and efficiency within patient care strategies, from a health and organizational perspective. In such, it is clear that the positives of purchasing such technology would then outweigh any potential negatives.

CT scanners are an impressive testament to the evolution of…… [Read More]. Health Diversity Diversity questions Diversity What is diversity? Diversity refers to the differences that occur among people and groups which should be taken into account in the healthcare setting.

In the healthcare environment diversity and the recognition of diversity is an extremely important concept as it deals with recognizing the needs and requirements of the individual, as well as the needs and requirements of different groups.

Furthermore, diversity is seen in a positive light in the healthcare context, as understanding diversity means that the healthcare professional is in a better position to understand the needs of the patient and to improve the treatment of people from different groups or areas of society.

Discuss and give examples of how people are diverse. People can be diverse in various ways. One could refer to gender differences, as well as cultural and ethnic diversities. Understanding these differences becomes important in dealing with specific…… [Read More]. It Infrastructure Project Description the. While there is a growing use of public key cryptography, there is still a shortcoming identified with the use of public key cryptography in the LAN and WAN environment. Since the public key is being kept in a public file, it is possible for an active intruder to forge the contents of the public key and use it to get access onto the data kept within the network system.

Management Systems Does the Implementation. What is the impact of this on already tight budgets? This will lead to healthcare budgets having to do increase fees, push the costs forward through the value chain, ultimately driving up the cost per care.

It is common in highly regulated healthcare industries to lose track of just who the customer is, as is shown in the many case studies and which can be inferred from the lessons learned in…… [Read More]. Business Unit Strategic Plan on Implementation of. In order to come up with a convenient answer and proper solutions, I will present the vision statement, mission statement, objectives, values, strategies, programs, the goals the hospital expects to achieve with the help of the investment it is about to develop.

Afterwards I would develop a SWOT analysis which is going to emphasize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the proposed objective. Moreover, the last part of my paper would focus on the marketing strategies that should be developed in order to convince more patients to use the modern device, on the sales projections and technology means which are expected to be used in the…… [Read More].

Medical Records System Definition of. The master patient index MPI value was mainly liked by the personnel in the medical record section. The Golden 90s Equipped with MPI and record-keeping growth, software designers sustained to generate and progress with a new emphasis on individual hospital sections. Auxiliary department purposes, for example radiology and laboratory showed to be fairly adaptive to software that is fresh and innovative, and computer healthcare applications start to show on the market.

Patient test outcomes that instigated in the laboratory and radiology department now too were obtainable via computers nonetheless again with limit as the outcomes were separate and were not linked to one another, or to any other software for instance that being done with the patient registration.

A lot of these applications had basically been marked as "source" governments, and they were not courteous to assembly athwart the healthcare aptitude. This is the state that mechanization in healthcare found…… [Read More].

Many current practices are using HIM professionals to help document patient visits and any treatments performed or offered to them. Having well trained HIM personnel can help the practice receive maximum reimbursement for the services that are performed there. This brief review will document the numerical system used for CPT codes that are detailed in billing literature as well as the appropriate methods for using them.

Coding professionals provide an invaluable service to physician practices and hospitals as they are truly the front line defense as far as ensuring reimbursements are near or even at maximum for their patients. The medical team works very hard for the patients they serve, and they should be reimbursed for it appropriately.

Correct and appropriate medical codes will allow the office to recoup as much as possible from the services they provide. Home Topics Health Radiology Essays.

A career in health. The Society of Radiographers. Bibliography American Heart Association. Chronicles of the Radiation Age. Eisenberg, Ronald and Marcene Lee Powell. Radiology and Ethics View Full Essay. Wait Lists Queue Jumping. Ethical Issues in Mammography and Federal Legislation. A Difficult Challenge for Radiology.

Bibliography Business Marketing Strategies, Inc. United Business Media Company. Retrieved 8 July, at http: Journal of the American Medical Information Association, How much descriptive detail is enough?

American Journal of Roentgenology, Extracting information on pneumonia in infants using natural language processing of radiology reports. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Past, present, and future: Journal of the American College of Radiology, 5: The past, present, and future of x-ray technology for in vivo imaging of function and form. Journal of Applied Physics, 10 , The evolving role of radiologists within the health care system. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 4 9 , Analysis of the use of radiology in primary health care.

Anesthesiology Residences and Fellowships. Retrieved June 17, at http: Radiological Society of North America. Works Cited Cesar, LJ. The benefits of digital radiography. Digital Imaging with a photostimulable phosphor in the chest of newborns. Mallinckrodt Institute of Technology, St. Healthcare information management systems: Cases, strategies, and solutions.

Healthcare Technology Online, 24 May Picture Archiving and Communication Systems: British Journal of Radiology, 76, Arch DIS Child ; 83, Pharmacokinetic basis of age-related changes in sensitivity to toxicants.

Ann Rev Pharmacol 31 1: Children's health, susceptibility and regulatory approaches to reducing risks from chemical carcinogens. Environmental Health Perspectives, 2: Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Differentiation - the only path to managing expectations. On the Internet at: Philosophy of Education Philosophy of Language 6. Philosophy of Psychology Philosophy of Religions Philosophy of Science Psychology and Psychiatry History of Psychology Psychological Disease and Disorders Psychological Tests and Measurements East Asian Religions Religion and Society Religion in the Americas South Asian Religions 7.

Restaurant and Food Restaurant and Food Services Management Atmospheric and Oceanic Science History of Science Ancient Greek Literature English Composition and Rhetoric Gender and Women's Studies Global Poverty and Income Disparity Peace and Conflict Studies Race and Ethnicity Sociology of Guns Sociology of the Family Substance Abuse Studies Sports and Recreation High School Sports Teaching and Education Early Childhood Education Economics of Education Sociology of Education Teaching Skills, Methods and Approaches Theories of Teaching and Learning Travel and Tourism Historical and Archaeological Hospitality and Tourism Management Veterinary Medicine and Zoology Wildlife and Fisheries World History and Cultures Ancient Egyptian Studies Ancient Greek and Roman Studies History of World War I History of World War II Middle Eastern Studies Russian and Slavic Studies The Cincinnati childrens radiology department assessment showed they had one serious event happening about every days.

The department of radiology found to improve patient safety three significant cultural changes needed to happen identification, accountability, and Radiology is Essential in Healthcare Disciplines Ranging from Dentistry to Dermatology words, 2 pages Radiology is a vast field essential to basic healthcare, centered around diagnosis and imaging scans of injuries and physical ailments to develop a treatment plan.

While most radiology centers around imagining scans such as MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds and X-rays, the use of radiology in medicine extends beyond imaging into experimental The Problems, Possible Solution, Patient Positioning, Technique, Quality Control, and Alternatives of Mammography, a Breast Imaging Method words, 7 pages Problem with Breast ImagingThe major issue with breast imaging is the unique tissue consistencies of the breast that's not found anywhere else in the body.

The contrast between breast tissue and cancerous tumors that may lie within do not vary that much on the x-ray film due to the similar MRI is one of the key diagnostic tools for evaluation of early brain development and brain injury. Isotopes are atoms that have the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons of the same element. One can tell if atoms are isotopes if they are the same element with the same number of protons, but not the same number of neutrons in each A Description of the Production of X-Rays Process words, 1 pages Production of x-rays requires training a stream of electrons produced at a methal cathode on a metal anode.

As the electrons collide with atoms in the anode, they are stopped but their energy is released in two forms--mostly heat and a very small quantity 1 as x-rays.

Technical Details of the Procedures of Gastrointestinal Exams words, 1 pages Gastrointestinal exams are special x- rays of the upper and lower digestive system.

The upper GI series evaluates the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. The barium enema evaluates the colon or large intestine. Each exam requires the use of a special contrast media, usually barium, that coats the digestive tract During the 20th century the world has seen many changes in medicine. One of the most ingenious creations of the century in the health field is Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

It is easily argued that modern medicine is the To Find A Paper. How To Write An Essay. College Papers For Sale. Order Now With Discount. It's a lifetime discount time!

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