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Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography on Legalizing Marijuana

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❶Marijuana, mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa, smoked or eaten for its hallucinogenic and pleasure-giving effects.

Negative Uses of Medical Marijuana

Stereotypes about Cannabis Consumption Off Base, Again
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Annotated Bibliography on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Argumentative Essay Paper on the Legalization of Marijuana. Hire a Writer Now! Think about what I said above. You take away the federal law that states marijuana is illegal and you have less crime. Instead of having many crimes due to drug possession and smuggling people will be able to simply purchase it legally.

This would keep more space in prisons for real crimes and prisoners and going back to the economy, it would save the taxpayers money. It would also relieve stress on the police and courts that deal with marijuana cases. Marijuana is an easily accessed drug thus being more abundant and commonly used first.

By legalizing marijuana it would not change that fact and people that want to go to that next step and use much more serious drugs can but it will still be illegal so nothing has really changed. There are marijuana possession arrests every single day in abundance all across the nation and without that you relieve the police department. All the suspects of marijuana possession all end up in court and again without it you have freed up the courts where it can trial other suspects.

Again people against marijuana legalization will say court resources will drop due to crime rates rising is completely false and has no evidence to even support that. If you have been paying attention to this debate for sometime or just heard of it you would know that marijuana has been decriminalized for recreational use in Colorado and Washington.

On November 7, Amendment 64 was passed making it legal for the people of Washington and Colorado to smoke marijuana for recreational use. Cable News Network, 07 Nov. This ultimately affects many people in the United States even if they do not live in those states.

People that live in neighboring states could simply hop the border and smoke marijuana and it would be completely legal. That means that legalizing marijuana nation wide would bring tourism to all of America and again help the economy. The fact that two states in America have legalized the use of marijuana when it is still against Federal Uniform Controlled Substances Act should put an end to this old law Curry, Colleen.

The reason I say this is because when people go back to their own state they can arrested, fired from their job etc. Why allow two states in America go against the federal law and have the other 48 stuck in that system.

This clearly goes against the con side, as it is a slight victory in the push for marijuana legalization. It is not nationwide but very well should be since it has been legalized in two states. There is noting anyone can say against the fact that the idea. There are very clear points that prove legalizing marijuana would only help the United States of America.

I say that with complete confidence because of the medical capabilities, economic relief, crime reduction, free resources and the fact that it has been decriminalized in a couple states. All of these points are related with each other and directly impact the United States in a positive way. People need to open their eyes and stop being ignorant about the fact that marijuana being legal would help the United States in dire need of help.

Too many people still look down on the drug simply due to its false reputation. Most of the people against it have never once looked into the benefits it holds and may never will.

No one is telling you to use marijuana as well, but the choice should be free for anyone to choose. We all seek pleasure in our life everyday and everyone has his or her own way to achieve that. For some, that source of pleasure is marijuana and all they want is to gain that pleasure like others do. Never in my life have I heard of a problem caused by marijuana and that is because it has never happened. The push for marijuana use is simply a chain of dominos about to be hit.

In the near future America will legalize marijuana use for its people and America will be put right back on their high horse pun intended once again.

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In this paper I will discuss the history of marijuana, the industrial uses of hemp, the prohibition of marijuana, the economical impact prohibition has on America, the effects of marijuana use on the mind and the body, marijuana for medical use, and how legalization of marijuana would have a positive influence on America.

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Jun 09,  · Because of the recent focus on marijuana legalization, many people are looking back to why cannabis was criminalized in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, the reason marijuana was made illegal had nothing to do with health fashionlosdaeroh.cfs: 2. In the paper Prohibition Works the author discusses numerous reasons marijuana should be kept illegal, and the second paper Legalization of Marijuana the author makes many valid points on why marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

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Legalizing Marijuana Essay Example Research Paper on Legalizing Marijuana. Nowadays medical and cultural aspects united with each other due to heated discussions dedicated to the use of medical marijuana. Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Introduction Cannabis sativa is a drug that is most commonly known by people with the name of Marijuana.