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Future Plan Essay


❶October 18, at 3: When I was a kid my dream is to be a pilot, and as the time goes by, I have other dreams, sometimes, I want to be a president, an army, doctor and other interesting dreams.

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My Future Plan Essay Sample
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My first few years in college I would like to gain experience in the field by obtaining a work-study position that will help me develop new skills in exercise science work such as a student athletic trainer. I would also like to play club lacrosse for ECU during my four years there. Either my junior or senior year in college I would like to study abroad in Europe. I hope to get work-study on campus my freshmen year so I can save up money by the time this comes around.

After four or five years of school I would hope to graduate with a bachelors degree. After graduation I do not want to settle down right away. I would either want to volunteer for the peace core abroad for a year in the Middle East or travel on my own, if possible.

After this I would want to move back to Maryland or D. I can get easily motivated by those persons who inspire me every day. And I plan to have my Master Degree maybe in the same school but I want to take it at Xavier University if there will be a chance. One of my selected companies to work for is the Nestle Company. I would like to apply as an HR or any related position if available here.

I want this company because they give an equal value for their employees working with them. Lots of people are aiming to work there but due to their high standards they cannot easily apply. But with the courage and strength I will try my best to be part and become one of their assets in their company.

Being involved in my community and in school activities taught me to be more confident as a person and to go for what makes me to be a total human formation. Exposing from the different aspects of the environment where I am now, helps me to develop my capabilities on starting to serve or doing something to others.

This is one way I could contribute on my country to be a good citizen and a role model to others. My value as a person explains me by asking my friend if what they could tell about me. I love to serve and to be a servant of our Lord and a leader to my groups as well, being kind to everyone and of course being so prayful, all the time. My limitation as a person depends on what I am doing. Perhaps, one of my goals is to look beyond the new things I want to discover more.

Exploring new things to me and to the world is nice to impart for. I know it is hard to think for this kind of, but I believe in myself that I can do it with the help of my Almighty God. Short term Goal My short term goals are to look for a part time job just to have more support for all my expenses needed in our home and in school.

I have to continue my scholarship until it ends and aiming for a good grades. Hopefully, I want to be one of the honors and continue serving my church with our activities. My midterm goal is to finish my degree course, look for a comfortable and a stable job. I want to help my family first and lift up their lives better.

I plan to buy my dream house, own a car and to have my business as well. I want to commit for my lifetime partner relationship and have a happy future family.

Long Term Goal My long term goal is to buy five house and lot for our family and to have more branches to our business. I want to tour on the different places and countries. I plan to settle first our security assistance, education plan for my future children, and to continue serving God, our church and with those people also.

I want to live in a simple life and happy to be with my family. My action plan is to take an action in regards with my goals. I want to settle myself to do first what I should do before anything else. I have priorities in life and these are my God, Family, Studies and Service. To do the right things to follow that will lead me on my right path.

One of my skills I know is to cook, to do arts, to compose stories and know computer literate. So I decided to first choose a career I would like, and would make good amount of money. Last but not least; I comprehend that college is very important at this point of our lifetime, because it would help my future in where I can live life without worries of not having the knowledge and skills to get a job. Now in days it is not easy obtaining any job where you can live without worries.

So therefor, my experience in college can be very harsh at times. I might have ups and downs though out my future career. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Future Plan specifically for you.

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wao yar salute for u what a future plan i like your approach and thoughts and sorry to say that i just copy your essay for my assignment and i hope my other fellow dont see this essay other wise u know naa.

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