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Writing Practice Exercises

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Creative writing exercise #1: Play with words

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We are now in the process of evaluating how to address the issue that exists regarding the performance of our team members. Our researchers carried out interviews with several people who are professionals in the health care industry.

Please change the information on your employee profile to include the most recent information. We would like to offer congratulations to all the people who participated in and completed the training program. In case of emergency, please exit the building immediately. We have several job openings in our Sales department. We think the candidate would be a good fit for either position. As we discussed, we will waive the shipping charges on your next order.

Our researchers interviewed several health care professionals. Please update your employee profile. Congratulations to everyone who completed the training program.

Basically, what the training program is going to do is prepare each and every one of the participants for their certification test that they will take soon. There is a possibility that I might get together with some of the people in my MBA program this weekend. The primary role of our recruiters is to search for and locate professionals with good qualifications who live in our area.

Carlos speaks English fluently, and can also speak Portuguese at an intermediate level, and in addition he is capable of conversing in German.

The training program will prepare participants for the upcoming certification test. Could you recommend a local contractor? I might get together with my MBA classmates this weekend. You and I want to connect with our audience. We prefer a cozy conversation to a corporate pitch. I used to think I was too boring to be a storyteller. And when you nurture a sense of play, anyone can add personality to their writing voice.

Want to turn humdrum business writing into sparkling content? To add a splash of personality, try to come up with a slightly more unusual or more precise word; experiment with emotional or sensory words.

This exercise works best for a single sentence, so write a tweet, choose an email subject line, or consider a blog title. Now, try rephrasing it in as many ways you can—using different words. Consulting a thesaurus is allowed. On About pages , for instance, you often read boring sentences like So-and-so loves travelling, photography, and spending time with her two kids. When readers can picture your words, your writing instantly becomes more fascinating. To allow your readers to visualize your words, simply select a few details.

Choose a statement for your About page or social media profile. Then play with different details to add a splash of personality. For instance, instead of suggesting I love cooking, I could write:. Metaphors are simply connections between two unrelated topics—and with a little practice anyone can create them.

No creative genes required. Start with picking an important point you want to make in a blog post. With writing, you want to nurture a similar sense of experimentation. Play with tiny details. How does it change your voice? Adding sparkle to your content is like cooking peanut sauce.

First, you cook the sauce, then you taste whether you need to add a little more lemon juice, sweet soy sauce, or ground coriander. Keep tasting and adding ingredients until you have the perfect taste. Writing works the same. Write a first draft quickly, and then add different ingredients to make your content tantalizingly tasty. How about a few extra power words here? Or a metaphor there? How does that sound? If in doubt, ask a friend for a second opinion. As kids, we knew how to tell stories and draw pictures.

Without worrying about results. Without worrying about what other people would think. We got into a creative flow without that distracting inner critic. As adults, we need to get back into that innocent creative flow. Ask him to go out for a half-hour walk. Then embrace your inner child and have half an hour of fun. Choose the exercise that appeals to you most. Grab a drink, a sheet of paper and pen, and give yourself some time to play.

How to be creative in writing without sacrificing productivity 14 metaphor examples: How to paint vibrant pictures with words How word choice shapes your voice Want to write better? Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

This has been one of the most practical posts you have ever written. The compelling way in which you introduce each excercise is very helpful. Without the play, they are too analytical, and their performance is rigid.

Have you read the book Play by Stuart Brown? Thank you so much for this wonderful post and for suggesting these exercises, Henneke! But these should definitely help coming up with something better, hopefully more appealing to the reader. We all experience it from time to time. I find reading fiction can also help us get out of a rut.

Your article is just what I needed. Yes, I like your advice, Henneke, first to have fun with writing, with a pen and paper. Our creative ideas flow. We can make a first draft and then fine tune it. Yes, I find a computer can sometimes stifle creativity. Perhaps because I associate it too much with trying to be productive? This brings in a sense of play and freedom.

It helps free up my writing. Still slaving over my About page and desperate to think of all these helps as I write. How timely this is for me this morning, to launch a thorough edit!

Probably I am a turtle in this race to create web content, but Slow and Steady is the preferred pace for multitudes, right? When I was learning how to write, I studied writers I liked most, trying to figure out why I liked their writing, and then used their writing techniques in my writing, too. As Austin Kleon suggests: Love the cupcake imagery, Henneke.

I had a boss in my corporate days who I said had a metaphor for every occasion. But you know what? You never forgot his example. I originally made this drawing for my sister who loves baking cupcakes. This is good news for a bad reason—you have little competition,. So a sparkling piece of writing sweeps and soars above the dismal landscape. Every post a person writes has so much potential to be better.

And if we really want to stand out, we have to start doing that. But it pays off! It can help to move away from your normal work place, perhaps go to the park or a local cafe. Skipping to the swings and slides now with a fairy cup cake in my hand. Thanks for your sweet and tasty writing sprinkles Henneke. You have hundreds and thousands of fans waiting hungrily to download it.

Love this Henneke, especially the parts about playing with a first draft and picking visual words. Writing is a constant work in progress. We never learn everything, which is what makes it so meaningful. Others, I get but usually delete. I appreciate the volume of your communication but mostly, I appreciate the value. A subtle shade of green sounds quite pleasant, Steve! I can put a little more personality by adding more descriptive words into each point I convey.

But in all it makes the posts more engaging, keeping your audience interested. Thanks for sharing Henneke! Have a good one! Even choosing only three sentences or so and making them a little more sensory can make a big difference to a post. This comment is unrelated to this article but the email I received that landed me here.

Regarding the email, I initially thought it was spam.

Creative writing exercise #2: Add a splash of personality

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Letter writing exercises for Business English students to help them expand their vocabulary communicate more easily with clients and customers.

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Good business writing is concise, direct, and unambiguous. The exercises below will help students eliminate wordiness in their writing. Also see these concise writing tips.. Exercise 1.

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This book can help you develop the business writing skills you need to succeed. It is a book of exercises for busy people who want to write better memos, letters, and reports. Exercise: In the next few days, find two business writing blogs and subscribe to them. Then, find a website with free access to lessons and tutorials, and set aside 30 minutes each week to learn.