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Coming Up With Interesting Essay Topics For Architecture Students

❶Classify the topics within the given area into groups according to their geographical, historical, or any other features and choose the issue you want to explore.

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Sample Essay: Dissecting the role of Ancient Architecture Cultures in Driving Architectural Growth
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In ancient Rome, large temples were also built to accommodate the many gods that influenced the roman society. But the architects in ancient Rome took innovation a step further by building civic structures such as the amphitheatre, triumphant arch, baths and gladiatorial grounds to cater for the entertainment, learning and relaxation needs of humans.

While in medieval Europe, a culture of warring, annexation and external aggression led to the building of architectural marvels dedicated to the art of defending and attacking the enemy. With the advent of Christianity and the Christian way of life, the architectural landscape of Europe changed to accommodate the building of large cathedrals using ancient roman patterns as well as the Italian renaissance techniques which integrated perspective in architectural pieces to inspire the people.

Islamic architecture also took inspiration from the architecture of ancient Iran as can be seen from the recurrent use of large domes and spires in the building of mosques. Finally, African architecture in the colonial era is a great indication of the effects of culture in architecture. This is because it integrated African, European, Christian, Arabic and Islamic cultures in the architectural masterpieces that can be seen across the continent.

For those looking to learn more about writing a solid opinion essay on the history of architecture and other subject matters do not hesitate to read these 10 facts for an opinion essay on the history of architecture in order to increase your essay writing abilities. Dissecting the role of Ancient Architecture Cultures in Driving Architectural Growth The history or architecture through the ages has been replete with the cultural beliefs of the people who created the structures that defined bygone eras.

A History of architecture on the Comparative Method. The Architecture of Ancient Greece: An Account of Its Historic Development. The Classical Weekly, 46 16 , p.

Journal of Ancient Architecture and Archaeology. Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia, 13 3 , pp. Colonial Architecture or Relatable Hinterlands? If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Previous Go to page. Making the Case for… Business. Landscape Architecture The Process of Landscape Architecture In the modern world, there are many ways to go about doing any given project, but with Landscape and architecture, there seems to be a constant of how to plan out a design. Database Environment Paper After 45 minutes of walking through the cummers museum and realizing that Jacksonville is home to four beautiful museums.

By understanding this I walk through the commer museum in amazement but being from a IT background my mind soon begin… Environment. However, at a second look, the facade is actually mainly… Marble Raymond Carver. This tradition is represented by churches, schoolhouses, hospitals, government office buildings, commercial office buildings, department… Construction. Gothic architecture and romanesque architecture Gothic Style is the most fascinating and mysterious architectural era the world has seen.

Throughout the centuries, beautiful medieval cathedrals have been towering above every building and till this day, still survive with their… Srory. A House to Remember I have moved in and out of many houses throughout the years, but none of them were as important to me as the house in which I grew up. I must admit that this house, although enormous, was neither the nicest nor the most comfortable house, yet my nostalgic nature has propelled me to treasure… design.

Architecture as a career People need places to live, work, play, learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, and eat. Architecture interests me the most because… Construction. The Impact that Information Technology has on Society Information technology has developed through the years. Computer Information technology Society Technology. Therefore, initially New Age found it difficult to obtain large projects and… Cost. Wren, a mathematical genius and highly-skilled engineer, built and designed this massive building, highlighted by its magnificent dome, after the Great Fire of which destroyed the old structure.

According to Nikolaus Pevsner, St. Paul's Cathedral "is a splendid skyline composition with the two foreground towers acting effectively as foils to the great dome. The upper levels are quite differently designed than the lower levels which are Palladian" Thus, Wren's skillful artistry and eclecticism brought these foreign features into a monumental unity, while the building itself serves as a prototype for later structures in both Europe and Colonial America.

Between and in the American colonies, future President Thomas Jefferson -- expressed his adoration for the Classical past of ancient Rome and Greece by going beyond architects who had incorporated only elements…… [Read More].

Architecture Way of Life in. The old order they had left behind provided them with views of what architecture should not be, that is, extravagant and highly ornamented, which they regarded as a hindrance to spiritual growth. Peacefulness was the aim, achieved by their use of light: Clear white light complemented the simple forms and fine proportions of the buildings to produce interiors of coolness, quiet, and serenity" p.

As profound expansion took place, however, architectural ideals were compromised. They needed bigger buildings and solved the problem by simplifying the existent Romanesque by eliminating its superfluous…… [Read More]. Architecture Architect Marcel Breuer Modernist. Breuer's continued use of the shaded method emphasizes his own feelings about form and function, as the shading was very practical.

Not only did it allow for full views without glare, but it also reflected heat from the buildings before the radiant energy could get trapped within the structure Turvey Another focus in Brauer's designs is his purposeful emphasis on building structure. Like his furniture, many of Breuer's designs draw attention to the structural features, including girders, beams, and wall supports Masello His playful cantilevered designs again used in both his furniture and architecture allow for symmetrical yet functional and simple aesthetic appeal.

One such design, finished with partner Herbert Beckhard, features all of the aspects common to Breuer's aesthetic vision. Beckhard and Breauer were challenged…… [Read More].

Architecture History - Schinkel Pugin. Similarly, English architect Augustus elby Northmore Pugin to , best-known for his designs for the Houses of Parliament building of , considered the Gothic style as the cornerstone of European Christianity and saw moral purity and spiritual authenticity in the religious architecture of the Middle Ages while also "glorifying the Medieval craftsmen who produced it.

At the same time, Pugin was quite disillusioned by the Industrial Revolution and firmly believed in the necessity of restoring old craftsmanship which had "honesty and quality. Architecture H-Conclusion History of the. This methodology emphasized observable empirical evidence as the way towards discovering and understanding natural laws and true causes. It was the use of this method that was cardinal in the advancement and development of many disciplines, including architecture.

Coupled with this was the invention of modern printing by Johannes Gutenberg -- His mechanized process of movable type allowed books to be mass produced.

This invention laid the foundation for a modern knowledge-based economy Eisenstein and accelerated the accessibility of learning within society. This had a concomitant affect on the proliferation of knowledge and education, as well as communication; and as one commentator asserts, the printing press helped to produce a democratization of knowledge Rheingold.

This period of history was therefore pivotal in the creation of knowledge and vision, which would further advance the development and achievements of architecture. Architecture An architectural structure with its foundation in the past and the present The University of Michigan Student Union building In ages past, collective and communal places often were simply expected to serve a singular function.

A church was to bring together individuals who shared in a similar faith, for instance. A one-room schoolhouse was to bring together students and an educator, united for the singular purpose of learning. However, as society has grown more complex and diverse, so have the structures that encompass intellectual, recreational, and communal life. This building is of particular interest, not simply because it is so well trafficked by students of the university.

It is also of interest because it aspires to do so much, namely to provide a common nutritional, recreational, and functional gathering place…… [Read More]. Architecture Three grand examples of Roman Architectural ingenuity represent the standards set by the Roman culture for the centralization of space. Serving a central purpose all three, the Domus Aurea, built between AD, the Pantheon in Rome, built around AD and the Mausoleum of Diocletian in Split, built around AD The later architectural designs and constructions of the early Christians and the Byzantine culture can be said to be direct reflections of the centralized planning and structures of their Pagan ancestors, the Romans.

Though adaptations clearly took place the traditions of the Roman planners are clearly represented within these later works. The Domus Aurea, built between AD as a palace and central administration for the emperor Nero after the great fire is based around an octagonal plan with a central open air lake and garden. The Domus Aurea is often thought of as a benchmark for…… [Read More].

Architecture and Sculpture Compared Architecture. This cathedral itself might be better compared to Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel, as it too has a multitude of figures looking down upon the visitor, as Chartres does. But if we are comparing the cathedral to the "David," one could say that they are similar in proportion. Chartres is broad-based and of human proportions. The round rose window is its head, and the shoulders are the square behind it, holding up both arms, pointing to the sky.

It appears to have its feet spread, and the flying buttresses on either side appear like a skirt or wings under which a chick might be gathered. As to structure, the church is made in many parts, "the vaulting was quadripartite, which eliminated the need for alternating supports," Frazier whereas the "David" is made on one block of stone.

As to materials, the cathedral is made of masonry stone, in blocks…… [Read More]. Architecture Economics Questions Discussion Assignment Looking at the major spending categories, and delving into detail as you can, identify spending areas that you think could be cut if there were a need to reduce the deficit or control inflation. In terms of cutting the deficit, it is worth reiterating that no spending cuts are politically popular, even for deficit-hating conservatives.

However, given the current state of affairs in Iraq, it would seem that the areas least open to potential cuts are those for the Department of Defense and Department of State and International Assistance.

The best available options might be to cut departments and agencies of which, some of whose functions could be potentially assumed by the states. However, these departments have relatively small budgets. Thus, another potential option might be cutting some of the…… [Read More]. Architecture of the French Renaissance. The sheer length of time designated to each suggests a great deal about the excess of resources, man-power and conceit which were reserved for the cite of worship, historical documentation, deference to the shared authority of the Crown and Church and, in the case of St.

Denis, the interment of France's Kings. And embodied in this long process would be the incorporation of a host of aesthetic, spiritual and sociological impulses that would ultimately feed into the political and philosophical machinations of the renaissance.

Thus, it may be that there is some elevated degree of credit to be given to the French Renaissance architects who ultimately completed these structures so unprecedented in their size.

It must be acknowledged that the construction of the Cathedral at Notre Dame would, in France, represent nothing less significant than the transition from a Roman tradition of building aesthetic values to a distinct manifestation of…… [Read More].

The capital city of Brasilia and its primary edifices were all state-commissioned in the middle of the twentieth century. The term monumental axis refers to the grandeur of the scope and sheer size of the complex, as well as to the fact that this area of the capital is home to its most important political monuments.

Moreover, the term monumental axis denotes the linearity of the layout: Roadways were…… [Read More]. Modernization of Brasilia Oscar Niemeyer. At this point, the role he played in the formative development of some centers in Belo Horizonte as a leisure and tourism hubs was laudable, especially with his involvement in the planning of a recreation as well as tourism complex, Pampulha. His readiness and willingness to work with other experts in diverse fields was evident from the beginning.

In this particular undertaking, he invited Alfredo Ceschiatti and Roberto Burle, a prominent sculptor and landscape architect respectively. Through their collaboration, the complex which comprised of three buildings a church, a dance pavilion, and a golf and yacht club was completed in a relatively short period of time. It was a masterpiece. Towards this…… [Read More].

Architectural Masterworks Since Architecture as Cultural and Political Discourse: Yale University Press Underwood, D. Oscar Niemeyer and the Architecture of Brazil. Architecture Naves During the Middle Ages Architecture Naves During the Middle Ages -- Architectural Analysis Timber Roof From a structural perspective, the basic timber roof possesses some problems, most notably its relatively flimsy structural integrity. It is easy to construct, requiring less manpower to lift it and to construct its support network, but provides relatively little resistance to the elements of snow and the wind.

It is functional in the sense that it performs the sheltering function of shielding the building's inner dwellers, and encloses the building from the open air, but aesthetically is not satisfactory in providing the sense of 'reaching up to the sky' so important in Medieval cathedrals of the era, and of some import in castles and other symbolically significant structures. Longitudinal barrel vault This is the simplest form of a vault, consisting of a continuous surface of semicircular or pointed sections.

It resembles a barrel or tunnel that has been cut…… [Read More]. Architecture Refers to the Design. Open source is different than the similar free software movement because it is based on technical, rather than political motivations. The underlying philosophy of the free software movement is that it is morally wrong to restrict access to source code or prohibit making changes to software. The open source movement is based on the idea that making code public improves its quality because a much larger number of people have the ability to find defects and improve the software.

Linux author Linus Torvalds compares traditional proprietary software to witchcraft, where a few individuals have secret information that gives them an advantage over everyone else.

Torvalds compares open source software to science, in which researchers share their results to allow for independent review of the results. Information Systems Management in Practice 6th Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Architecture Urban Space and Architecture. Ecological urbanism is, as Mostafavi describes it, a "sense of sensibilities' that specifically influence urban design and development in a way that will more effectively address the growing number and diversity of urban community needs.

Ecological urbanism is thus a conscious architectural and design trend that addresses the issues exposed more spontaneously by practices classified as everyday urbanism. Le Parc de la Villette The Parc de la Villette in Paris, France was designed by Bernard Tschumi and constructed in the s and early s, and can in many ways be seen as an early example of the trends of ecological urbanism and even everyday urbanism to various degrees.

Located at the edge of the city on land that was formerly occupied by slaughterhouses and other industrial structures, the park was part of a very deliberately designed urban renewal project meant to provide public space that was culturally relevant and accessible…… [Read More].

Architecture House The Jones House. Adele Weder might have had this renovation in mind, when she described D'Arcy's constructions as being Modernistic, graceful, and well-proportioned. The lightness of his touch and grace illuminates this dwelling. The Cowboy cabin Set squarely in the woods, the Cowboy cabin is a flat-pack cabin, one-story, well proportioned as all of D'Arcy creations are, and resonating with its landscape and surroundings by the use of scrubbed, unadorned wood.

D'Arcy shocks again by shifting the entrance door from its familiar place, and by transforming a tectonic structure into something that is 'light and minimal' and blends into its surroundings. Totally scorning conspicuousness, the unadorned structure merges light and air in its breadth of light material to portray a modernistic dwelling that focuses on simplicity and primal value and by doing so it becomes one with the wood around it, humbly fitting in and becoming part of its context.

Architecture Construction Thermal Isolation Materials. Currently, the cytotoxicity of chrysotile, which is a type of asbestos, as well as Rockwool along with other man-made vitreous fibers MMVFs have been evaluated by cell magnetometry.

This method established cytoskeleton-dependent functions of macrophages, which contribute to a significant role in phagocytosis, and is used to assess the degree of harm caused on macrophages Kudo, Kotani, Tomita and Aizawa, Biological consequences of MMVFs have to be looked at not only at the cell level but also in the lung. To date there have been no studies done to look at the safety of Rockwool by way of lung magnetometry.

In a study done by Kudo, Kotani, Tomita and Aizawa, , rats were forced to inhale Rockwood a nose-only inhalation exposure system, and then looked at by lung magnetometry, a biopersistence test and pathological examination.

The well-being features and safe utilization of mineral wools have been looked at for…… [Read More]. In other words, it is an experience that is emotional and artistic. Some people agree that architecture is the amalgamation of building and art. However, many do not agree with this opinion Conway and oenisch 9.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, architecture is "the art and technique of designing and building" "architecture" whose practice "is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends" "architecture". Therefore, every society has a spatial connection to the natural world. The sort of architecture and the produced structures reflects history, culture, environment, traditions, ceremonies, customs and artistic sensibility of a society "architecture".

Buildings keep people warm and dry and are directly involved in the reasonableness and feasibility of living. Architecture of Teotihuacan the City.

The other structures of Teotihuacan use the same architectural language in varying forms and to differing scales. Residential buildings stand upon platforms and are arranged around depressed courtyards; palaces follow a pattern of low buildings arranged around columned patios, creating a unified, enclosed form; ceremonial structures use the talus-and-tablero profile and large flat platforms.

The earliest period of construction was the most austere, with little decoration, but later structures - from around a. The architectural influence of Teotihuacan can be seen throughout Central America in the Classic period and later. The economic importance of the city was echoed in its cultural and religious influence, seen in the wide dissemination of the Feathered Serpent, originating with Teotihuacan's Quetzalcoatl, as a symbol of religious and political authority throughout Mesoamerica.

The basic form of the Teotihuacan temples,…… [Read More]. Architecture School as a Transfer. It has been one of the greatest and most joyous challenges of my current architectural career. I have also worked previously in construction management, experience that will act as an additional aid in coping with the practical demands of my chosen profession.

Unfortunately, my school transcripts do not reflect my level of commitment to the field of architecture, despite the fact that I have been working at architectural firms for more than ten years.

After September 11th, I was let go from my job due to the financial pressures placed upon the firm where I was working. I was forced to terminate my schooling, because of financial reasons. Also, my father was dying of pancreatic cancer and my focus was on my family, not on my own needs and professional aspirations, and my grades are unfortunately reflective of this fact.

But now, New York is currently where most of my…… [Read More]. Architecture Public Museums the One building of particular interest is his Yale Center for British Arts. Here, the cylindrical stair tower in the courtyard of the Center introduces an imposing note James, p. In contrast, and indeed according to Khan's ideal, the facades are understated and reserved. The elevations of the courtyard and galleries adhere to the principle of study, providing a quiet space for students to focus their thoughts and their subdued conversation.

As such the courtyard focuses the purpose of the rest of the building. In the interior, daylight is filtered to a soft hue through skylights, where as the oak and fabric paneled walls as well as chamber music further focuses the atmosphere inward, towards a contemplative and peaceful design. Architecture of Happiness Why Ideals. The men had returned from the war, Americans were buying homes and putting all their energies in to building a nest for the family filled with all sorts of creature comforts.

The female form reflected these comforts: On the other hand, the s and s signaled the rampant winds of change; while some people attribute it primarily to the debut of Twiggy, the skinny supermodel of the era other reasons are relevant to examine as well: Being thin allowed them to comfortably wear clothes like the mini-skirt, which maybe at that time stood for some sort of freedom and self-expression.

Being thin and shedding weight may have given some women the ability to feel better about themselves. Architecture of Boston Is a. Sedate it is definitely not. Its Northern Italian Gothic style adds exotic elements to the neighborhood's skyline. Trinity Church cannot be overlooked when examining the history and architecture of Boston. Trinity church is significant because it "represents a departure of the Boston's mind from its Puritan past, and emergence of American creativity as a force in architecture" iboston.

The churches of Boston are not special to Bostonians. The churches of…… [Read More]. The author of this paper presents a general overview of the book and then narrows the paper's focus to include uskin's claim that free people can only create good architecture. We are constantly evolving in our societal expectations and acceptance of events.

Many times, we realize after the fact that something we did or condoned had a domino effect on the world. Such was the case of architecture, according to author John uskin. In his book The Seven Lamps of Architecture uskin expounds on his belief that the only truly good architecture is made by people who are free uskin, This is a true statement if it is taken in the context of design and not actual implementation of that design.

Before we can…… [Read More]. Street in Columbus, Ohio, the humbly named Broad Street Presbyterian Church was built in , but has had several additional architectural elements added since then, including structural and functional spaces beyond the main apse and nave, ranging from a large north side parking area to the multiple annexes and entryways.

The Broad Street Presbyterian Church occupies a relatively large footprint, spanning about four acres of urban land. On the south side of the street, the Broad Street Presbyterian Church receives an ample amount of sunlight throughout the day, which gleams and glows as it reflects on its flagstone finish.

On its centennial in , the church was formally added to the National Register of Historic Places in spite of its numerous modern additions, solidifying the church in Columbus's urban landscape.

In fact, the Broad Street Presbyterian Church shares the street with four other landmark churches in Columbus, all built within…… [Read More]. Architecture of the Alamo in. Some have described this facade as "a showy and impressive piece of Tuscan architecture,' with arched doors surrounded by elaborate floral carvings, twisting columns, and shell-topped niches for statuary" Tarin. However, I find the facade quite common and uninteresting.

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Rococo Architecture Essays. The French rococo style is one of the longest reigning furniture and decorative arts designs. Even though it was popular in other countries, such as Italy, Germany and Scandinavia, each added their own touches. Gothic architecture and romanesque architecture Gothic Style is the most fascinating and mysterious architectural era the world has seen. These large structures of the 11th through the 16th centuries, that are considered to be of Gothic Style, are simply glorious.