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❶John Stuart Mill as a child was exceptional.

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In the third scenario, abortion is considered illegal because except in the exceptional situation of rape. When a female is raped and becomes pregnant then she should be allowed to abortion because sex was not pre planned.

Utilitarian would probably grant their consent for abortion, considering the exceptional situation of such cases. People who consider abortion illegal forget about the rights of the women who are pregnant. They may consider it offending and unnecessary interfering in their personal life if they are prevented or advised to not receive abortion.

Utilitarian theory also supports this view on the basis of greatest happiness principle. Utilitarian theory would probably have no any problem with this view because of the greatest happiness principle.

Conclusion After having observed the above mentioned detailed analysis of the subject, it is good to conclude that utilitarian theory advocates for the individual rights and further believes in the principle of greatest happiness. Utilitarian view criticizes abortion in very rare and exceptional cases where this is sheer wrong. Utilitarian point of view endorses abortion on the basis of personal life, individual rights and principle of greatest happiness.

Mill suggests that an individual should always be at liberty to decide the things that give him greatest happiness. Abortion or any other issue should be decided by the individuals according to their own situation and interests, mill suggests. Utilitarianism and Greatest Number Utilitarianism What are the key concepts of utilitarianism?

Let us create the best one for you! Mill's remaining philosophical writings elucidate his Utilitarianism, especially in regard to a number of related practical issues, including women's suffrage, and legislative and educational reform. Following his death, Mill's system was later expanded by his disciple Henry Sidgwick, who in his Methods of Ethics discussed the means by which individuals may endeavor to achieve moral action through reasoned behavior.

Numerous other individuals contributed to the Utilitarian movement in the nineteenth century, including the British philosophers John Austin and James Mill J. In theory and in practice, Utilitarianism has continued to be influential, with the work of Bentham and Mill proving to be of the greatest importance and interest.

Commentators on the writings of both men have continued the process of analyzing and codifying their work in order to more clearly define the doctrine. Further criticism of Bentham's and Mill's Utilitarianism has focused on the important concept of justice as it applies to the principles of liberty and utility advocated by both. His ideas here are, really, quite simple. Naturally, it follows from this that he also felt that we should treat unhappiness as something consisting of pain.

This view on happiness has led his particular brand of utilitarianism to be seen as a hedonistic theory. Furthermore, Bentham did not distinguish between different forms of pleasure. To him, anything that gave rise to happiness — be it drugs or reading — was fundamentally good. According to Mill, these latter pleasures are of a greater quality, and should therefore be considered more important. He posited that someone who has experienced both forms of pleasure would naturally feel inclined to choose the higher pleasures.

This is a fairly straightforward exploration of the most common forms of utilitarianism. Sir, may I know your name? And ask a permission if I can get some parts in your essay that I may use for my Related Literature for my thesis. Helped me understand a little more about utilitarianism right when i thought that i was never going to understand it.


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Free utilitarianism papers, essays, and research papers. Utilitarianism: The Greatest Happiness Principle - Utilitarianism was first brought up along the nourishing of “The Greatest Happiness Principle” introduced by Jeremy Bentham and further developed by John Stuart Mill, who was a follower of Bentham (Sweet, ).

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This is a free term paper example on Utilitarianism cannot be used as your own term paper research. This sample term paper can be easily detected as plagiarism by any plagiarism detection tool. This sample term paper can be easily detected as plagiarism by any plagiarism detection tool.

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Classical utilitarianism is hedonistic, it believes that happiness is the one ultimate good and unhappiness is the one ultimate evil but utilitarianism has changed slightly from this completely simpli /5(20). Essay on Utilitarianism. Critisism for Rule and Act Utilitarianism. Discussion of Utilitarianism In this paper I will be discussing utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the theory proposing the principle of utility as the correct ethical standard. I will also be talking about the THEORY of RIGHT CONDUCT, which is also a part of moral theory.

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utilitarianism paper - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Mar 24,  · The Greater Good; an Essay on Utilitarianism. Posted on March 24, by Poignantboy. Standard. This essay – or post if you wish – is intended as a concise exploration of utilitarianism, one of many ethical movements within the world of moral philosophy. An understanding of this topic could prove useful to IB philosophy .