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❶Grimus was first noticed primarily by science-fiction enthusiasts due to the fantastic nature of the story, in which a young Native American embarks upon a quest to ascertain the meaning of life after having become immortal.

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Essays on Salman rushdie

However, when he accomplished his goal, he claimed the title wave was not there at all. Part fantasy, part allegory and always clever and engaging, the story told of Haroun's adventures speaks to the power of story in our lives and in the world.

The constant word play and twists of language are funny, though at times I felt they became just "too much. This is one of those rare…… [Read More]. Cultural Conflict of Two Stories. But Rushdie's relationship with English as a writer, even as a critic of the former British Empire, is far more complex. In Salman Rushdie's text "English is an Indian literary language," Rushdie states that the output of literature in English by Indian writers is more interesting and vital than those produced in India's native languages.

Through creativity and dialogue with the oppressor, a great literature has been generated. India's original languages were vast in number but parochial. Ironically, English has proved to be a unifying force for Indians, even if one of the unifying ideologies for Indian writers in English is their attempt to create a new, national literature that is distinct from the British.

This phenomenon is not new, of course. Great Irish writers also used the English language that was imposed upon them to create great works of literature. Even if the ideology that resulted in the imposition…… [Read More]. Postcolonial Literature Everytime I Think.

There is the feeling that Rushdie is toying with the concept of freedom of speech in this story as well as destroying the concept of the East as mysterious. Rushdie uses English to tell his story, but he incorporates the Indian oral tradition without any kind of chronological structure to the story. He deconstruct the binary opposition of East and est. He himself is between the Orient and the Occident and he chooses to use both structures, combining Britain and India Buran In Heart of Darkness, the story is centered on the typical male experience, which tends to alienate the female reader from the very "mannish" story.

There is some speculation that Marlow and Kurtz's sexist views…… [Read More]. Crisis at Footwear International Case Summary a. Crisis at Footwear International Case Summary A multinational shoe manufacturing company has been accused of deliberately designing a shoe with an insole that is offensive to Muslims. Footwear International consists of a number of companies that are semi-autonomous with regard to operations, and are governed by boards of directors that include local business community members.

The Footwear International company in Bangladesh experienced severe criticism from local activist student groups who interpreted the design of an insole to include the name of Allah.

Further, the students charged the manufacturing company of being owned and financed by Jews, and somehow linked the entire episode to Salman ushdie. The designer of the shoe -- a devout Bengali Muslim who does not speak or read Arabic -- declared that the pattern integrated into the insole design was inspired by Chinese temple bells that she purchased.

Further, the insole design had been considered and approved…… [Read More]. Paul Valery was a French poet, essayist, and critic, who gave up writing for 20 years to pursue work in the scientific arena. His poetic style was based on symbolism and he believed that the mental process of creation was what was really important and that the poetry that he wrote was a by-product of the effort.

Eliot has compared Valery's analytical attitude to a scientist who works in a laboratory "weighting out or testing the drugs of which is compounded some medicine with an impressive name. It is purged of idols of every kind, of realistic illusions, of any conceivable equivocation between the language of "truth" and the language of "creation.

The novelty, the intensity,…… [Read More]. Saladin and the Christian Crusaders Saladin or. Saladin founded the Ayyubid dynasty in Egypt. The Muslim leader was renowned in both the Muslim and Christian worlds because of his leadership and his military prowess. He was also seen as a chivalrous figure who showed mercy during his war against the Christian Crusaders. The image of Saladin developed in his lifetime and persisted long after so that he has remained a heroic figure much revered in both the Islamic world and the Christian world, the latter in spite of the fact that he opposed Western expansion into Islam and fought agasint the West in the Crusades.

Still, he is idolized in literaure and art and is often the subject for Western writers as for Islamic writers, though the two groups…… [Read More]. Avant-Garde Become the New Establishment. There is, Peppis points out, a sense of Englishness that is represented by the establishment, and is that sense of Englishness that the avant-garde confronts in English literature Commenting on the avant-garde, Matei Calinescu writes: Modernity has opened the path to the rebellious avant-gardes.

At the same time, modernity turns against itself and, by regarding itself as decadence, dramatizes its own deep sense of crisis.

The apparently contradictory notions of avant-garde and decadence become almost synonymous and, under certain circumstances, can even be used interchangeably Calinescu 5. It is the abandonment of the Puritanism, and in the case of…… [Read More]. Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture. Culture English writing has taken a new evolutionary path in its development since Independence.

India was observed post-colonially by English writers of Indian origin. While new ideas were being developed, emphasis was placed on religious, socio-economic, filial, and political problems as talking points; these issues captured the national movement sensation and attracted the attention of creative writers.

Events like the partition and the resulting communal riots following it, coupled with the problems of caste discrimination, misogyny and the squalor in which the proletariat lived, were the major issues of the time. The clamour raised over these issues is massive, with many budding writers boosting the perception of literature as time passes.

This paper seeks to evaluate and provide insight into the progress of English writing over a time period ranging from the post- independence period till the present time. Writing veterans who displayed the fifties' realism in their works are…… [Read More]. Purdah Purdah Is Practice of. The first and only female leader of Pakistan, Bhutto was a strong political figure and fighter for freedom and women's rights in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Exiled and brought back by popular demand, she was assassinated in Mo Yan is an incredibly prolific and respected author in modern China, whose works are largely concerned with social commentary. He was formerly a soldier in the People's Army and is a member of the ruling Communist Party. The regime is noted for the massive human rights violations and state-sponsored murders in the guise of social engineering. Biafra was a secessionist state in Nigeria populated largely by the Ibo people.

The secession of te state, which was recognized by several neighboring African countries,…… [Read More]. Economic Systems Are Quite Complex. Plus, if the world is tied together economically, there is more impetus to prevent hyper-inflation, to help other countries in times of natural disaster, and to form a more humanitarian-based society.

It seems that the idea of globalism was also assisted with new macro-trade agreements combine with the easy communications brought about because of the advances in cellular technology and the Internet. This rapid growth of the global economy affects modern economic development, stability, labor, and the environment in a dramatic way. Developing countries did not, in most cases, have the long tradition of the Industrial Revolution, so they are now trying to rapidly modernize; to build their economies in years or decades when it took the West centuries.

This is in part due to the need for satisfaction of the populace, in part because of the way information is shared, and in part because on a regular basis, the…… [Read More]. Race Ethnicity and Difference. Multiculturalism is an ideology which is defined in different ways following in the varying paradigms of one's culture and knowledge. However, it is generally explained as a system of beliefs which recognizes and appreciated diversity of groups in a society or in any organization. In t his regard, it also acknowledge these difference particularly the socio-cultural disparity thereby stressing upon its impact in a culture as it empowers the whole society.

Multiculturalism is all about recognizing the difference and respecting them. In other words, this points out to the equal treatment of every human being regardless of any distinction based on color, race, religion, gender and culture.

It aims at safeguarding and building up the integrity and dignity of these differences so that they are tolerated and celebrated osado C, Background Multiculturalism is feature of globalization as well as post…… [Read More]. The Orient is not only adjacent to Europe; it is also the place of Europe's greatest and richest and oldest colonies, the source of its civilizations and languages, its cultural contestant, and one of its deepest and most recurring images of the other.

In addition, the Orient has helped to define Europe or the West as its contrasting image, idea, personality, and experience. Yet none of this Orient is merely…… [Read More]. Terrorism Seems to Have Taken Over the. Terrorism seems to have taken over the world. No matter how hard the industrialized countries try to find ways to achieve peace and stability in the world but somehow the opposite happens. Today's world is predominantly inhabited by hatred that is visible in the never-ending terror and fear produced by the attacks of September 11th and the military responses undertaken by Super powers.

The following entry presents an overview of Rushdie's career through Rushdie, a controversial and prominent author, has explored such themes as exile, cultural dislocation, and metamorphosis through his writing. Best known for The Satanic Verses , he has continued to write criticism, essays, reviews, and novels that stress the importance of free speech and religious tolerance.

Through a blend of magic realism and commentary on contemporary issues, Rushdie has secured a place among the most provocative of modern writers. After earning an M. Rushdie gained international notoriety in with the publication of The Satanic Verses.

Devout Muslims, outraged by a perceived belittling of Islam within the novel, staged public demonstrations and placed bans on its importation. Eventually, a fatwa, or decree, was issued by Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruholiah Khomeini, calling for the execution of Rushdie.

It was not until a public pardon of sorts by the Iranian government in that Rushdie felt he could safely emerge from hiding. Despite lingering death-threats, the author returned to the public stage with a determination to use his work as a platform for the exposure and denouncement of institutional violence and intolerance.

Grimus was first noticed primarily by science-fiction enthusiasts due to the fantastic nature of the story, in which a young Native American embarks upon a quest to ascertain the meaning of life after having become immortal.

This journey through new dimensions portrays human contact with other universes and alien life, and an underlying fable employs social satire typical of Rushdie's work. Midnight's Children, also a fable, centers on the historical development of India. Rushdie's protagonist, Saleem Sinai, is switched at birth with another male child born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, This is India's first hour of independence from Britain, and the trading of infants' saves Sinai from a life of poverty at the bottom of the country's caste system by landing him in the home of an upper-class Muslim couple.

The story weaves events from Sinai's life throughout many of India's crucial historical moments, and he is finally pitted against Shiva, the child of midnight whose privilege he had claimed at birth.

The novel was adapted to the stage by the Royal Shakespeare Company in In Shame , Rushdie used a similar method of mixing fantasy and history to examine abuses of power in a dream-like depiction of Pakistan. The concept of sharam an Urdu word which encompasses both shame and entitlement is explored throughout the wildly elaborate narrative.

The Satanic Verses has been interpreted as commentary illustrating both the good and the evil inherent in religious devotion. When two Indian expatriates, Gibreel and Saladin, survive the explosion of their airplane over England, their perceptions of and experiences within the world below reflect the nature of their respective attitudes toward Islam.

Gibreel sustains visions of the majestic rise of his religion, while Saladin sinks into the demonic realm of flesh and vice where society is devoid of justice. In , Rushdie published a fairy tale for children titled Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

Written after Rushdie had endured persecution under the Ayatollah's fatwa, the plot involves a thinly veiled claim for free speech and imagination. In , Rushdie released Imaginary Homelands: The Collected Essays, including discussion of topics ranging from Indian history, social injustice, literary criticism, and the widely publicized threat against his life.

Combining his preoccupation with cultural displacement and a fabulist narrative, Rushdie's critical work for the British Film Institute, The Wizard of Oz: BFI Film Classics , has been considered as an ideal pairing of subject and author.

In this book-length essay, Rushdie lavishes high praise on The Wizard of Oz for telling a universal story with a strong emphasis on the imagination. The Moor's Last Sigh again details the national character of India through a fantastic tale reminiscent of fable. In order to delay his execution, the Moor enchants his captor with the details of his family history, thereby exposing the destruction and wonder contained within the narrative's social context.

Using two rock and roll stars as protagonists, Rushdie provides a new interpretation of the ancient myth of Orpheus. Although the story contains wild and fantastic elements similar to those used in previous works, the language of this novel is filled with references to contemporary popular culture. In Fury , Rushdie delves into the themes of mass media and celebrity. Step across This Line: Collected Nonfiction contains essays written during Rushdie's years in hiding, as well as satirical pieces on the current American political climate.

While most of Rushdie's works have been generally admired for their fusion of myth, history, politics, and fantasy, some reviewers have derided his most recent novels as being pretentious and unfocused.

His scathing indictment of American society has garnered a mixed critical reaction, and some commentators have traced the further development of this attitude in essays and fiction toward America after the terrorist attacks on September 11, Autobiographical elements have also been a recurring topic of critical discussion, and commentators have underscored the effect that the fatwa has had on Rushdie's literary imagination.

Despite these trends toward critical disfavor, Rushdie's work continues to elicit widespread response and recognition. In Midnight's Children and Shame Salman Rushdie has presented the world with certainly the most talked about and probably the most incisive treatments in English fiction of the Indian subcontinent since A Passage to India.

He has also presented the academic world with what seem almost textbook examples of all that postmodernist criticism tells us should be found in any A Review of International English Literature 21, no.

It really isn't possible I've tried to read or judge this book [ Haroun and the Sea of Stories ] without regard—not in detail, but in general—to its author's plight. It is dedicated to his son, Zafar. The acrostic in which the dedication is cast ends with the lines: Essays and Criticism, Nostalgia is a fatal reviewer's trick, but it must be ten years almost to the month since I first found out about Salman Rushdie, when the TLS printed a review of Midnight's Children.

Later, in the autumn of , I can remember sitting in a gloomy, panelled room in Oxford reading the account of Saleem Sinai's custody of the pickled eggs with a sort of astonished fascination, initial wariness quickly replaced by complete awe.

Anybody who hates Toto in The Wizard of Oz is my man. In his witty and vivacious appreciation of the film, [ The Wizard of Oz, ] Salman Rushdie gives the little terrier a severe dressing down. World Literature Today 70, no. At the conclusion of The Moor's Last Sigh Moraes Zogoiby flees an apocalyptic Bombay of gang wars, bombings, and communal violence and heads for Spain.

There he is imprisoned by an enemy who forces him to write his personal and family history. The reader then turns back to the start of the novel, which continues the narrator's flight and Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. It makes you pause. By then you have already been run a bit ragged East-West is of course a central theme in Rushdie's work—alongside literary hit contracts for regicide and deicide—and this time [in The Ground beneath Her Feet ] his trajectory runs from upper-crust Bombay in the s to rock'n'roll in the heyday of the Western counter-culture.

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Sep 28,  · Salman Rushdie (Full name Ahmed Salman Rushdie) Indian-born English novelist, short story writer, essayist, critic, editor, children's writer, playwright, .

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Essay on Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children Words | 6 Pages. Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children Salman Rushdie is one of the greatest writers India has ever produced. Amongst the premier works of Rushdie, Midnight’s Children continues to be one of the best meta-fictional works of the postmodern era.

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Migrant identity in the select novels by Salman Rushdie Thesis Salman Rushdie is the who is searching for the mechanisms of a personal identity’s identification. He appeals for human body, gender roles, personal stories or external factors as crucial for self-identity. Salman Rushdie Essays: Over , Salman Rushdie Essays, Salman Rushdie Term Papers, Salman Rushdie Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

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Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born on June 19, in Bombay, India, to a middle class Muslim family. His father was a businessman, educated in Cambridge, and his grandfather was an Urdu poet. At fourteen, he was sent to England for schooling, attending the Rugby School in Warwickshire. Feb 27,  · In Salman Rushdie's text "English is an Indian literary language," Rushdie states that the output of literature in English by Indian writers is more interesting and vital than those produced in India's native languages.