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Types of Database Model

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Our online assignment writing faculty has outlined important models of Database that will offer you opportunity to gain idea on this course. The coherent structure or logical designing of information that defines the relationship between different parts of data is termed as database model.

The four most studied database models are briefly explained below:. It has a minimum amount of proper arrangement. It takes the form of one large table in which data in rows are related with one other and those in columns displays similar value. It is also called one-many relationship model where the data is organized in tree like structure. In Hierarchical model, the data is stored in the form of record that is associated with one another by creating a link. Hence each unit in this model has only one parent but one parent can have several units.

It is also called many-many relationship model. In this database model, many records are connected to one parent file. This model can be viewed as a tree that is held upside down where several branches end up in one parent field. Also called one to one relationship model.

It is widely used model where information is presented in the form of table having related rows and columns. We provide you professional help for your database assignment. Tutors writing your database assignment are learned and experienced in this field.

They also have years of knowledge in handling students queries on topics of database management. Our online assignment helpers have solved many assignments of database availing opportunity for students to get information in simplified terms. You can receive a technically sound database assignment help from experienced and subject specific tutors.

Structured query language or SQL is a language of computer that is used for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in relational database.


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Our database assignment help experts explain database as a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to types of .

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