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39 Photos That Captured the Human Side of the Vietnam War

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Mok and Schutzer risked their lives to bring LIFE’s readers a page photo essay on the “blunt reality” of the war—one that, Mok wrote, vividly called to mind scenes from Saipan in World War II and Inchon in the Korean War. “Only the locale is different, and this observer, now a generation older.

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The USNS Core arrives in Saigon with the first US helicopter units, 33 Vertol H C Shawnee and Crewmen. Online Photo Source:

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Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Vietnam War Essay The Vietnam War spanned from to and had the name, the Second Indochina War, prior to the United States involvement. The initial cause for the war was a battle between communist North Vietnam and its southern allies, the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its allies, the key ally being the United States.

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This essay will examine the cleavage between the intent of the creator and the audience imbibing the image. This essay will evaluate the power of photography in the Vietnam War via two iconic photographs, that of Buddhist monk Thich Quang Durc's self-immolation in and the extra-judicial execution of a Vietcong prisoner in Espetually with the mental toll that the war places on the men it can mean the world to know you have people you can talk to and who have your back no matter the circumstances that arise.