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Organizational Behavior
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To cultivate recognition the collaboration of the efforts of Jane, the twenty-one lecturers and the IT manager need to be directed toward fulfilling the insatiable desire to make a name and earn financial stability. Among all the organizational cultures compatible with decentralized structure of a middle-sized company, market culture is the best fit in the case of CoachingState.

Market culture at CoachingState will among other things,. All these positive impacts of market culture are unrivaled by any of the other organizational cultures; thus, making it apt for coaching state. However, despite the foreseeable benefits of adopting market culture as the principal organizational culture for CoachingState, the problems created by this ascription to academic school of motivation are inherently high Wagner and Hollenbeck, The emphasis of respect by market cultural approach by employees will create a big obstacle for Jane and his team.

This is considering the fact that lecturers are academicians whose ranking from doctorate holders to professors commands immeasurable respect. The free airing of views during meetings might not be realized; thus, derailing cultivation of a highly performing team that is needed to operationalize CoachingState. The 21 st century businesses are faced with immeasurable performance challenges that require apt responsiveness, impeccable quality, and adequate speed which are only achievable through teamwork.

Although delegation is crucial step in unearthing growth potential, teamwork in diversity needs to be fostered, an eventually only achieved through ascription to motivational theories Youngwirth, ; Vidal et al , For efficiency purposes, division on labor is crucial in CoachingState, which will enable Jane to delegate most of the functions of the organization to several managers working under her. To achieve optimum results, there should be,.

The IT manager will make crucial decisions regarding this department before Jane receives directions on what the department is undertaking. This manager would then share these duties to different lecturers depending on expertise and experience. Moreover, the consideration on the number of clients would play a crucial role in decisions making by the lecturers manager.

This manager will use the results of the CoachingState to create an impeccable reputation for the company, which is crucial for the operations. These two groups need to come to an agreement because their interaction is at the core of survival of the coaching industry.

It is prudent to note that the principal role of a business coach is coaching business owners to poses apt support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability to run their organizations profitably Clough, and Strycharczyk, This would foster cohesion in CoachingState thus catapulting this organization into a highly efficient organization whose decentralized system is anchored on mutual interdependence of the departments.

Management of a team of intellectuals is highly complex undertaking Vidal et al , Even with the proposed sharing of responsibilities, the employees of the CoachingState are inclined to have inherent needs that without their satisfaction would lead to blurring of the overall goal. This need-evaluation of the departments is anchored on the academic revelation that personal effectiveness plays a crucial role in team goals and this personal effectiveness is founded on the paradigm of motivation Arnolds and Boshoff, With relevant motivational ques, employees are capable of outdoing their potential to achieve group goals.

In deed, delegation is and adept avenue to actualizing this satisfaction and motivation in middle-sized organizations like CoachingState. Delegation reduces workload from the Jane the director making her capable of focusing on other critical issues regarding operations of the CoachingState. It is prudent to note that delegation is a crucial tool in motivation in that it offers appropriate ground for manager and subordinate relationship development Battles, Delegation shows trust on the subordinates and they would make all efforts not to be betray this trust.

This flow of authority from the top manager to the lecturers, coaches, IT and marketing managers would ensure that meaningful personal and professional relationships are concocted. Moreover, delegation of authority in a principal tool that offers space to nurture skills in areas of specialization.

Subordinates get a chance to furnish their skill with a high degree of pride. This functions as a motivation to their work and they are likely to work harder than if the tasks were not delegated. One of the greatest challenges in subordinate jobs is monotony in activities. Delegation helps break this monotony owing to the room to develop skills. Additionally, this results into adept job satisfaction that generates unity in firms and moots successful supervisor-subordinate relationships.

Through delegation, managers are also nurtured on supervision skills, communication aptness, effective motivation approaches, supervision and other leadership traits. Consequently, this delegation of responsibilities will not only be beneficial for CoachingState, but also for Jane who is new in management of middle-sized companies. Delegation helps eliminates the barrier that makes employee loose morale in their jobs.

Since delegation will allow them enrich their skills, curriculum vitae, exert authority and be accountable for their departments, this is motivation enough that is fueled by the accolades of expectancy theory. It is prudent to note that delegation is an avenue of bringing stability, capability and sound operation within an organization.

This paper sought to present and analysis of the CoachingState case where critical comparison of organizational culture and structure of small businesses against that of middle sized-companies was to be presented. Small sized organizations can adopt either clan or adhocracy organizational culture while middle-sized companies can adopt adhocracy, hierarchy, and market organizational cultures. A merging of these culture with the adept organizational structure creates and impeccable organizational behavior that molds operations, personal relations, knowledge acquisition and communication channels within an organizations.

These are crucial in successful articulation of the goals. Small sized companies are better suited by centralized organizational structures while decentralized structures are adept for middle-sized organizations. CoachingState is better suited by market culture that would propel its leadership and employees to the much-needed competitiveness in the industry of business coaching.

Using delegation as an approach to motivation, Jane will manage to offer recognition to subordinates and improve their efficient that would propel CoachingState to greater heights. Baltic Journal of Management , 8 1 , A and Boshoff, C. Journal of African Business , 4 3 , 55 — Accomplishing objectives through delegation and motivation. Aircraft Maintenance Technology , 16 5 , Callings and organizational behavior.

Journal of Vocational Behavior, 76 3 , — Singapore Management Review , 31 1 , Coaching evoking excellence in others. Business Renaissance Quarterly , 4 3 , Gundry and Rousseau, D. Critical Incidents in Communicating Culture to Newcomers: The Meaning is the Message. Human Relations , 47 9. M and Stahl, M. Journal of Applied Psychology, 66, 2 , — Journal of Small Business Management , 43 4 , Journal of Small Business Management , 2, pp. The influence of organizational structure on organizational learning.

Management International Review , 35 2 , P and Schick, A. Journal of Education for Business , 82 6 , — Guidelines for Good Delegation. Journal of Financial Planning , 11, Coaching an effective practice for business competitiveness. An International Business Journal, 22 5 , — A and Hollenbeck, J.

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Please accept our Terms. Your message has been successfully sent! We will get back to you soon. Table of Contents Introduction. Synopsis of the Case Seven small-sized coaching companies having realized their insufficiencies have come together to form CoachingState a new middle-sized organization anchored of provision of accredited training to business coaches.

Organizational Culture and Structure: Small Business versus Middle Sized-Company According to Fard et al , organizational culture is an amalgamation of behaviors, values, and code of ethics that are unique to an organization generating and inherently concrete psychological and social environment for an organization. The Factor of Organizational Culture Organizational culture is a factor of organizational structure.

The Factor of Organizational Structure Organizational structure is the pre-defined chain of command or framework used in organizations governance and flow of information that is crucial in decision-making.

Apt Organizational Culture for CoachingState CoachingState will be succinctly served by market organizational culture. Order Journal Personal subscription Institutional subscription. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e.

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Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. Toward a new need-based theory of work motivation Paul I. Exploring the limits of less-hierarchical organizing Michael Y. Edmondson View All Recent Articles.

Toward a theory of business Thomas Donaldson James P. Walsh The dynamic componential model of creativity and innovation in organizations: Making progress, making meaning Teresa M. The role of embedded social position and entrepreneurial social skill in processes of field level change Roy Suddaby Thierry Viale View All Most Cited Articles.

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Writing a research paper is not as hard as settling on a topic for your paper. Organizational Behavior is an exciting field of study, work and research. Therefore, the problem is not in the sacristy of topics, but in the very plenty of them.

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Organizational Behavior and Terminology Paper - Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper June 17, One major corporation that is affected by organizational behavior is the west coast based 24 Hour Fitness, Inc.

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To do this, organizational behavior theoristsattempt to understand, predict, and influence events on theindividual, group, and organizational levels. The field of organizational behavior is based on several principles. Aug 28,  · Studying about organizational behavior is the current focus of research in management and students in organizational behavior and management choose their area of research from a range of topics and determine their own relevant research questions from a range of research concepts/5(27).

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Topics on Organizational Behavior for Research Paper. Setting up a topic for any kind of research paper is actually half the work. One of the most interesting sectors to write a research paper on is organizational behavior. It is a very fascinating field of study for work and research purposes. This behavior accumulates over time to create a highly respected organizational culture, which is usually a network of values and relations dictated by organizational structure (Gundry and Rousseau, ).5/5.