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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Purpose

Who Are the Main Characters in Amy Tan's "Rules of the Game"?

❶Even if we are not multilingual, do we not all have a different mother tongue taught to us as children which has unconsciously shaped the way we see ourselves and our world?

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How Is Amy Tan's Writing Style Characterized?
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How effective is that evidence? She also talks about her experience that she called people on the phone to pretend she was her mother. These evidences are very effective because it makes the readers to sympathize with the author. List some examples of the three appeals. How are they effective or not. Amy Tan uses appeals to logic, emotion and ethics in this essay. She appeals to emotion by saying that the mother tongue is very important in her life.

More Essay Examples on Cancer Rubric. More recent in the story Tan states: This is the sociological aspect of language meaning how people judge others by the way they speak. In contrast, the author notes that the language her mother speaks is very different than American English, but that it is deceiving in that her mother understands more than one might think: In comparison to people deeming her useless her daughter knows her to be quite intelligent for understand that which she cannot.

In the works of Jane E. Tan did exactly that when she depicts language in ways that separate us by the way we speak. I believe that one purpose is to show the influence of language on life experience. The converse of this statement can also be argued, because experience also has an influence on language. In saying this, I mean that what you go through in this life influences your interpretation of how you see language. Before reading this essay, I rarely thought about my language, but now I realize more about how I speak.

Another purpose that I found to be throughout the piece was to reveal the main intent of language. In the end, I think that Tan wanted to show that language is used to convey oneself. It should not be judged for lack of conventions or for its oddities from person to person, but for its sentiments.

This leads to the most important point of the essay: They do not have to be expressed perfectly to convey importance, and sometimes being too conscientious of diction can make a piece come off as cold and unemotional. In addition to the main point, Tan also shows by example that predispositions can be overcome, like in her choosing English as a major when it seemed bleak for her in that field. This essay is not only for children of individuals from other countries, but for anyone who wishes to see what language is really set out to accomplish:

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The primary purpose of Tan's "Mother Tongue" is to orient the readers about the author's intepretation of differentiating Standard English and broken English. Another purpose of writing such book is the fact that Amy Tan has spent much of her time in America, but she was born in China.

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Amy Tan's short story, “Mother Tongue” is an admirable tale that discusses the implied meaning of languages and how language is not only a device of communication, but a social tool of measuring an individuals’ worth.

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(Note: This essay was submitted before began to offer free essay reviews; the essay, however, has been edited.) From Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” (), it is evident that language has an effect on our lives. Essays & Papers Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Purpose - Paper Example Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Purpose Amy Tan’s short story, “Mother Tongue” is an admirable tale that discusses the implied meaning of languages and how language is not only a device of communication, but a social tool of measuring an individuals’ worth - Mother Tongue .

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The title of the essay itself is a pun: it describes both the non standard English that Tan's mother, a Chinese immigrant, uses and the native speaker's English, the "mother tongue," in which Tan herself is fluent. Amy Tan’s A Mother’s Tongue The purpose of Amy Tan’s essay, “Mother Tongue,” is to show how challenging it can be if an individual is raised by a parent who speaks “limited English” (36) as Tan’s mother does, partially because it can result in people being judged poorly by others.