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❶What are some reasons why people do not believe in life after death? His father eventually dies from a coal mine related lung disease.

The Symbols in "October Sky"

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Rocket Boys: A Memoir Summary & Study Guide Description
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She also tells him something vital, that she has gotten him the book, but he has to be the one with the courage to learn what is inside. Having taken sleds to get to the school which was closed for anyone outside of walking distance, Sonny is left alone to return to his town. As he travels, the cold begins to get to him and he is stopped by a woman and invited into her house. She insists that he tell his father, but not his mother that she helped him.

Upon telling his father this story, he discovers two things. The first is that the woman sells moonshine and other things to men. The other is that his father pulled her out of a fire that killed everyone else in her family when he was a boy.

His father does not see this as heroism though as he blames himself for not having saved any of the others. This chapter begins once again by setting the time — it happened not with dates but with the space race. In this case, the launch of Luna 1. This chapter covers two things. The first being the slow understanding of the rocket book which they have finally gotten, which covers ideas such as De Laval nozzles.

They also become convinced that in order to really understand what is in the book, they will need to learn calculus — a class that is not offered by their school. The other important point in this chapter is that there is a pillar explosion in the mine. No one is hurt, but Sonny understands better what that means now than he did before his trip into the mine.

Finally, it ends with a few more launches. This time, which is largely successful, they prove more than anything that they have reached the limit of what they are likely able to do with their current fuel. Wanting to learn calculus means asking to have the class. The difficulty in this is that the school does not offer the class. Yet the teacher agrees if the principle will agree. The problem is that he knows the superintendent will not allow it.

They are ready to arrest them, but their teachers point out a few problems in the logic. The most basic problem being that the place where the fire started was ten miles from the boys' rocket launching location. This seems to be enough to convince the principal to lobby for their class and he gets it for them.

Except that seven people sign up for the class and Sonny, as the boy with the lowest grades, is excluded from the class — a difficulty he takes well even though he was the one who lobbied to get it in the school.

The chapter ends with Sonny discovering the book that his father used to help teach himself the math that he needed to run the mine and taking it for himself so that he can learn on his own. Upon returning, he discovers that Sonny has been excluded from the class he lobbied for and is using his book. The heart of this chapter though is in the decision to join the science fair. Sonny sees it as a no-lose situation.

Quentin though explains that the other boys have far more to lose. They all want to go to college, but none of them have the money to go.

The science fair may be their only real chance to pay to go to college, but in order for that to work, they have to win not only locally but make a real impression. The Rocket Boys decide that they need a break from building rockets. For this they go to the dugout, a small dancing hall where all the kids go.

Here he discovers that his brother has taken the girl he has been in love with for years out on a date. He also discovers Valentine, a girl who he has been friends with but nothing more. She has an argument with one of the football players who brought her and takes Sonny to the back seat of his car. As he is leaving he sees the boy, who has often tormented him in the past.

He is quite upset about the girl, but Sonny knows it is more than that. He has been kept out of football this year, which means he has likely also been kept out of college, which means he will likely achieve far less in his life than he otherwise would have. Finally, Sonny returns home to find that something has gone wrong.

Everyone in the town has their lights on and his mother only tells him that no matter what happens, he cannot go to the mine that night. Having discovered that something was wrong at the mine and that his father had went in, Sonny sneaks out of his house after his mother insists that he not go.

It seems that lightning has struck one of the vents which caused a collapse. His father is leading the rescue crew. Sonny watches until someone is brought out on a stretcher: Ike Bykovski, a man who was working in the mine, at least in part because he had helped Sonny to build rockets. Around this same time, his mother finds him. She is angry, calls him selfish and slaps him.

This revelation of what his mother thinks of him magnifies the pain of seeing someone he cares about hurt. Finally, everyone else comes out alive, but his father has been injured and will likely lose his eye. The black phone that goes to the mine rings, except this time his mother rips the phone from the wall and throws it out onto the lawn.

Bykovski's death, Sonny blames himself and shuts down almost entirely. He refuses to talk to anyone and feels nothing. He yells at friends and tries to be what he thinks people from Coalwood are supposed to be.

It is only when he finally speaks to Mrs. Bykovski that he begins to move beyond it. She explains that Ike could have returned to the machine shop if he wanted but they liked the money. She also insists that he would want Sonny to continue his rockets.

This is because each time he succeeds at showing that there is more to who he is than people thought, his father simply changes his ideas of what position he will hold in the mine.

Eventually, his father even sees him as an engineer helping to run the mine, but to Sonny, the mine remains that which is holding him down. Visiting the mine for the first time is also very symbolic. It shows his father reaching out to him and trying to bring him into his world, but also symbolizes something else. Visiting the mine is in many ways like visiting another world for Sonny. It is a place that he had never been allowed and had not been able to reach before. It is dangerous, strange, forbidden and a place that most people will never achieve, which is in many ways like space exploration.

Even the helmet and uniform of the miners can be compared to a space suit. A cold war in the beginning with only his parents, but by the end of the book, this war is far more real with the mining strike itself becoming part of the symbol of the battle over Sonny and by the end even gunshots are fired over this war. Beyond that, Coalwood represents in some ways the entire earth, especially to Sonny. His desire to build rockets is part of an understanding that remaining there is too dangerous, but eventually he also comes to understand that no matter where he goes or what he becomes, that place will be part of him and he will never fully escape that no matter how many rockets he builds.

This understanding is also part of the space program that Sonny wants to join. For much of the story of "October Sky," this is a very small story about a small town; but by the end of the story, his story has began to expand. He has begun to be able to see something bigger. The most dramatic of these is as he reaches the national science fair and discovers just how much bigger the world is.

This is most clear by understanding just how much more so many of these projects have. They have money and support far beyond anything he could imagine. Answer Questions Has anyone been stopped 2x driving while suspended and what was the outcome?? What are two variables which could be substituted for Y and X in the graph below?

Is the water around Puerto Rico wet? And is it big? I really cant figure this out? How do you write in the third person about yourself? What are the 5 countries with the largest populations?

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