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Islam CCOT Essay

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Continuity and Change Over Time Essay
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The increased popularity of Buddhism in China was a result of the political and economic chaos following the decline of the Han. Buddhism was a salvation doctrine that offered succor to the poor and oppressed.

Increasing numbers of sons in the gentry class dropped out of society and became monks, which led to an anti-Buddhist backlash during the Song period. Chinese leadership transitioned from the Han through the Tang. After the fall of the Han there was a period of disunity and chaos called the Three Kingdoms period.

When the Sui fell due to overexpansion, the Tang took power and established a cosmopolitan rule, extending Chinese territory over the Silk Road and integrating central Asian cultural elements such as Polo and wearing pants. The re-establishment of dynastic rule resulted from core Chinese values inherent in the Dynastic Cycle and Mandate of Heaven.

During the post classical era, we find the world evolving by expansion and intense communication along many regions. With expansion and communication, trade and culture travels such as West Africa being introduced to Islam. Moving into western African, between cece, the introduction of Islam has brought a great increase in slave trade and rose literacy rates, creating literate officials in state administration.

However, no rigorous conversion was made, some traditional practices remained. The increase of slaves was obtained through conquest and the impact of Islam created religious power to officials in state administration due to appeal of legitimacy of rule. However distant ruling centers would be least likely affected by Islam. They were able to trade, not only across the Sahara, as they had in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to the influence of Islam, West Africa interacted through regional trade and with help from Tran Saharan route they were able to connect to North Africa.

With the Muslims, the bringing of Islam enlarged the amount of concubines, sex slaves, in West Africa. The establishment of Islam led to the development of 1st regular trade across the Sahara. The impact of Islam turned Africa into a focal point of trade, linking Africa to Eurasian world trade.

The Islamic Civilization gave rise to many centers of culture and science, producing notable doctors, nurses, scientists, astronomers, mathematicians, and philosophers. Continuity Recognize factors which remain the same throughout an entire period.

Identify and understand factors which allow this to continue. Must discuss, utilize concrete details and analyze changes that occurred relevant to the prompt. If the prompt discusses command terms social and political you need to focus on political and social changes. If your prompt is more vague, you need to think of aspects to base your analysis on. The prompt also asks you to address continuities, generally these are patterns or cultural tendencies that remain stagnant for years and years.

You need to have concrete detail to back up your continuity. In order to completely get all credit for CCOT, you need to address the starting point. In order to analyze changes, you must discuss what it was like before. However, pay attention to time period. Thus, given the prompt, your essay may require starting point, transition, ending condition or starting point to ending condition.

You are to answer the following question. You should spend five minutes organizing or outlining your essay. Write an essay that: Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence. Addresses all parts of the question. Use historical context to show changes over time and continuities.

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ccot essay sample Question: Choose TWO of the areas below and analyze the developments of major religious & philosophical ideas between BCE & 5/5(3).

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How to write a CCOT Essay (Guide for students) This is a special type of essay highly preferred on the AP World History Exam though it is also applicable to other courses. The essay mainly focuses on explaining how a particular field has gradually advanced over time.

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Social hierarchies-classes, ability to move up the social ladder. Gender issues-rights of women, make sure to distinguish between upper and lower classes in the society. Slavery in . 1 How to Write a Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay Background: The Rubric Like the DBQ and Comparative essays, the CCOT is scored according to a rubric.

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Ccot essay about ccot essay outline. Bond-Lamberty a prior question to a process and change and answers from ce, present ap world history?, on the sheets to . CCOT Essay The Indian Ocean was a significant division of water that was bounded primarily by the Indian Subcontinent, the Arabian Peninsula, and eastern Africa. Many changes occurred over time in the area, especially from BCE and CE.