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Top 8 Advertising Research Paper Topics

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Keep in mind that McDonalds responded to this accusation by adding healthy food choices to their menu. They offer choices in kids meals, milk instead of soda, fruit instead of french fries, salads are on the menu, grilled chicken, yogurt. But statistics show that most people go to McDonald's for the burgers, fries and shakes. In fact, the fries are the best selling product in the restaurant.

There are many websites that will give you detailed information about this topic. The process I personally follow when coming up with a research project topic would be to think of the variables that would be tested. This is especially with regards to the dependent and independent variables. When we consider advertising you can state how bill boards are affecting consumer buying behaviour or to what extent would television advertising improve sales of a particular product case study.

If you decide product strategy then a sample topic would be Would additional features have an impact on profit objectives of ABC company etc these are just some rough ideas but I hope they help. Read some articles as this also helps with coming up with some outstanding topics. Do the commercial with the same packaging you used for the product u created, and just push it with good posters.

An alternative to the create-your-own product suggestion is to research a famous case of marketing mishap or successful strategy. A mishap might include Burger King's attempt to redesign its fries in the 90s.

For successful strategies, consider marketing that made it into pop culture, such as the Pepsi Challenge. Hi, I'm an undergrad and I need to conduct a research in marketing in the financial or banking industry. Can someone please give me idea for a topic? Can anyone please provide me some ideas about creating a new product for marketing except food and mechanical items? It'd help me in my university project. You can start by thinking of a product or service that you may want to sell and think of ways on how you would sell it.

You can focus on the new channels for advertising or what we call the "new media". This mainly revolves around using the internet or online resources to sell your product or service.

If you want a more extensive project, you can turn it into a comparative study on whether new media advertising is more effective than traditional media advertising TV, Radio, Print. You can get the help from the internet as there are many topic on marketing and business. Or you should take some expert advice who can guide you in getting some good detail about advertising and customer behaviour. So rajpoot has, as evident from Post 6 selected a product to be marketed. The next logical thing would be to select a specific aspect of marketing such as advertising, pricing, distribution, market segmentation etc.

My guidelines in Post 5 can be used for such selection also. If you are just looking for just different ideas on the possible topic for your project, perhaps the most handy source of information for you will be the list of contents of your textbook. If it comes to picking different ideas on product, again you can make a fairly long list of products that you are using in your house or outside it.

But if you are expecting to get some guidance on what projects will be best suited for you, then I suggest a more systematic approach. Television-testing techniques, for example, can be applied to commercials that look like television commercials, regardless of where those commercials are aired.

Static banner ads are similar to print ads and can be evaluated by those metrics. Many social media and online ads and commercials fall in between these extremes, and require some adjustments in measuring techniques. Advertising is primarily a strategic weapon, as previously noted. Its total effects must be evaluated in the context of years, not weeks or months. Advertising cannot compete with sales-promotion and direct-marketing activities in generating short-term sales effects.

But in the long term, the cumulative force of strategically sound media advertising can achieve results that cannot be equaled by sales promotion or other marketing activities. Given the greater effectiveness of new product advertising, one of the most common marketing mistakes is failure to take advantage of this inherent benefit i. Perhaps no other industry has a failure rate as high as the advertising industry with the exception of the promotion industries, direct-marketing industries, telemarketing industries, and other alternatives to traditional advertising.

The persistently high advertising-failure rate results primarily from the lack of an accurate feedback mechanism—a lack of testing and evaluation. Among commercials that are effective, the degree of sales effectiveness can vary greatly from one commercial to the next. One commercial might be several times more effective than another.

This indicates that the quality of advertising tends to be more important than the quantity of advertising. Nevertheless, the quantity of advertising i. Limited online surveys or telephone tracking research that can even be done with modest budgets can monitor the cumulative effects of advertising upon awareness, brand image, and consumer attitudes.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make sure that your advertising is doing its job. Recall of specific messages from advertising is not a very good indicator of advertising effectiveness, and some very effective commercials produce little measurable message recall. Message recall is a positive factor, but its importance should not be overstated. Brand registration , however, is always important as opposed to message or element recall.

Failure to register the brand name is one of the most common advertising mistakes. The next time you review your advertising, just make sure that the brand name is clearly stated and clearly shown in the commercial.

If your brand name is not easy to remember, then more emphasis must be placed on the brand name in commercials. Ultimate truth is elusive. Advertising effectiveness cannot be determined by any one measure, such as persuasion or recall. Recall is a good measure for some commercials, but not for others. Purchase intent works reasonably well for new products, but not so well for established products.

A large number of important variables must be examined in concert to judge the potential effectiveness of advertising. Advertising that offends the viewer, or is in poor taste, is almost always ineffective. If viewers like a commercial, its chances of being effective are improved. Likeability, however, is not sufficient in and of itself to ensure advertising success.

Advertising works in the arms of sound strategy. What messages must the advertising communicate? What images should the advertising project? These are strategy issues, and they bring us to this conclusion: Several research techniques are available to identify and resolve strategy issues before creative development begins.

Homework and hard work are more likely to yield effective advertising than creative brilliance and flashes of creative genius. Great advertising evolves from research feedback, tinkering, and tweaking. Pretesting each commercial is a laboratory experiment, an opportunity to learn how to re-edit current creative and how to make the next commercial even better. Big egos creative egos, client egos, research egos, and agency egos are barriers to the creation of effective advertising, because big egos tend to substitute wish and emotion for thinking, reasoning, and objectivity.

If your agency or your client is unwilling to make creative adjustments—based upon objective consumer feedback—to improve the creative product, then you have the wrong agency or the wrong client.

Show it to members of your target audience and see how they react. No one not the client, the agency, or the researcher is smart enough to know how consumers will perceive and react to a given commercial. Show the new commercial and a couple of old ones, and ask some consumers which one would most influence their interest in buying the brand.

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Top 8 Advertising Research Paper Topics. Choosing a research paper topic is never easy – especially when it involves a specific subject, like advertising. However, choosing an advertising research paper topic becomes much easier if you have a basic idea to work off of. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 8 advertising research paper topics around.

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The 20 Best Advertising Thesis Topic Ideas for College Students Choosing an apt thesis topic is the first step to success, that’s why it is important to take it seriously. Firstly, it should be manageable, neither too narrow nor too broad; secondly, it must be interesting for you.

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Advertising tries to give the audience enough information about the product to create an interest, but not so much as to bore the audience with details. As a result, advertising information concentrates on the . 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Media, Social Media, and Advertising As with anything involving media, social media, and advertising, watch out for biased and inaccurate information. People like to share their opinions on such topics through forums, blogs, and their own websites.