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❶He liked the concept of active state government.

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As a result in early , the attorney-general was ordered by Teddy to file a suit against The Northern Securities Company, which was a railroad investment company. The company controlled 3 major railroads in the Northwest. Because the antitrust cases were took so long to get to the Supreme Court, Roosevelt asked Congress to pass the Expedition Act, which sped the process.

Roosevelt did not discriminate big businesses simply because they were big, he looked for the businesses that posed a threat to the public. One of the biggest challenge Roosevelt took on was getting the Panama Canal built. There was some disagreement where the canal would be built, but the final decision was Panama, where a French company had been digging but went bankrupt.

But the United States also had to get control of the canal zone from what was then Colombia. Senate accepted it but, the Colombian senate rejected the offer, hoping to get more money. At this point Roosevelt considered taking the land by force. He called them Colombian senate corrupted, and he said they were trying to black-mail the United States.

But the people who lived in Panama were resentful to Colombia government, and a revolt was inevitable. The revolt was funded by the French Company. Roosevelt ordered the U. Navel forces to keep Colombian troops from getting into Panama, to end the revolt. Panama succeeded, mainly due to the help of the U.

An agreement was made and the U. Roosevelt was an outdoorsman, he enjoyed everything about the outdoors. He was determined to conserve nature. He made huge steps to conserve nature. Which resulted in many states creating a conservative commission.

He also added million acres to the national forest reserve. And passed several acts to conserve and benefit the United States natural resources. Conserving nature is just a part of his great legacy. Teddy Roosevelt led a highly successful life, until his last day. He will be forever remembered as one of the United States greatest Presidents.

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