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Kite Flying Day Or Makar Sankranti Essay For Kids

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❶The idea of bright-colored gatherings reminds me of a sunny, flowery and joyful festival of kite flying called Basant.

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Kite Flying Day Or Makar Sankranti Essay For Kids

The sky gets filled with beautiful butterfly-like kites of different colors and styles. Spring beautifies the Earth with blossoms, and Basant paints the sky with flying brushes named Kites. Young and old equally enjoy it. No matter where you live, the passion for Basant catches you there.

Competitions of kite flying, bets among friends, and beauty contests among kites add to the spirit of Basant. Basant has earned much fame as to attract the foreign tourists to pack the bags and get on their way to be Basantie. In Pakistan, notably in Punjab, Basant is considered to be a huge fun. Ladies like to wear special traditional yellow and other colorful dresses. Gents also do some special preparations in this regard. Children are a visual delight on Basant.

When the date for Basant is announced, right there starts the preparation to make it as much enjoyable as anyone can think. The Youth starts gathering kites and all the related accessories.

Everyone looks forward to have a great time. Media gives full coverage to Basant festival. Basant is also an inspiration for poets and singers. Kite flying becomes a golden memory of childhood when we are grown up and have no time to enjoy it on daily basis. In such an alternation of days and nights, Basant festival brings us a chance to relish it as a sweet after some hot chilies and spices.

Kites are made of different materials, embellished with various styles. Children love to learn the art of kite flying and young boys try to be as expert as they can. People earn and spend a lot of money in this business.

In short, it creates a great hustle and bustle among people. For a beginner, even after 10 tries, there still are possibilities that he may not be able to fly the kite. Just like business, it involves various skill and talent to take it to high up in the sky. Our hand start aching when we are into flying a kite for long time.

There are many different ways of flying kite and each way of it can be compared with different form of business organisation. Some people have the habit, skill and talent to fly the kite on their own like Sole Proprietorship form of business where whole business is handled by a single person similarly some have the habit to take the help of the others to fly a single kite like Partnership form of business where each partner take the help of the other to take important decision and to maintain stability in the market.

People use different types of strings for flying their kites. They will choose and use the best string to fly the kite high up in the air to give tough competition to other kites and will enable for their kites to stay for longer time in sky.

They should use the best marketing strategy suitable for their product and they should have the best human resource department which can develop newer and better marketing strategies for their product to be famous in the market.

The direction of wind plays an important part in flying the kite. It is necessary to fly the kite in direction parallel to the direction of the wind, it is impossible for a kite to fly in the opposite direction of the wind. One should only do a business which has a good scope in the future. On the other hand weather also plays an important role in flying a kite. If weather is windy kite will be able to fly properly similarly demand plays an important role in the business one should only select the product for a business which has high demand in the future.

Sometimes kite does not fly properly; it goes up and down and does not remain stable in the sky similarly business also undergoes several instability in its life time like recession, deflation, overproduction, fall in demand, fall in prices, strikes by employees, etc. Business will have to scan through all its opportunities available for it and pass through all the obstacles to reach to a particular opportunity.

It is similar to the business, working of business depends upon the person who is handling that business. If the CEO or the director of the company or firm is only not mature enough to understand the basic concepts of business properly and to handle it properly then business runs nowhere in the world. Every time there would be losses in the business, no profit figures will be seen on balance sheet.

Once your kite has reached high up in the sky above many other kites in the sky, other kites tries to reach near your kite to give a competition similarly once when you have created better image of your business and your business has achieved a place at higher level in the market, many other will try to reach at your level to give better competition to reduce your market and reduce your profit by any ways and to increase their market and profit in the world. There is always a risk of shutting down of business if it is not handled properly.

Everyone has their own way of flying kites. Some fly kites on their own without taking the help of others while some take the help of others.

Similarly, people carry out business in various ways. Some businesses are carried out by just one person as in the case of sole proprietorship, whereas some businesses are carried out by more than one person as in the case of partnership, company and co-operative societies. The better and stronger the string of the kite is, the more strings of the other kites it cuts. Similarly, the better the equipment and technology Is used by the business, the more successful the business will become and will be able to avoid its components.

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"An Essay On Kite Flying" Essays and Research Papers An Essay On Kite Flying Kite festival is one of my favorite festivals which is celebrated on 14th January of every year with colors of joy and colors of .

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The flying of the kite in the air also depends upon the person who is flying the kite, he should know how to fly the kite, otherwise no matter for whatever times he/she tries he will not able to fly the kite.

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Spring beautifies the Earth with blossoms, and Basant paints the sky with flying brushes named Kites. Young and old equally enjoy it. No matter where you live, the passion for Basant catches you there. Competitions of kite flying, bets among friends, and beauty contests among kites add to . Basant, the festival of kites, is celebrated with great pomp and show in our country. Lacs of rupees are lost by the lovers of kite-flying in a signal day. But that cannot be helped.

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Kite flying day is my favorite festival. It is also known as Makarsankranti or Uttarayan. It falls on 14th January every year. The sun moves towards North direction from this day. It is festival of Kites. We buy colorful kites & strong threads. Kite is made of light bamboo sticks and thin papers. The string is coated with a special glass powder and rice paste. Outline: 1- Festivalof kites 2- Favourite festival 3- Experts of trade earn a lot 4- Night before Basant 5- Sad accidents 6- Anxiety to catch a kite.