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Homework Help: Help with friction physics

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What are friction and resistance?
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Also useful for KS3. carnified friction homework help thanks to everything piledriving saick.

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Friction Example Problem – Physics Homework Help 3 This entry was posted on July 24, by Todd Helmenstine Friction is the resistance force generated between two bodies as they move across each other.

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Friction Physics Homework Help. You can get professional assignment help at our site Any deadline, any level! The force of friction between two bodies depends on the magnitude of the perpendicular forces of the surfaces in contact. This perpendicular force is known as the normal force .

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Friction is a force that acts between two objects that are in contact with one another. It slows or stops movement between the two surfaces that are touching. Friction is the force that develops at the surfaces of contact of two bodies and impedes (opposes) their relative motion. e.g. air on an aircraft or water in a pipe. It is not a fundamental force, as it is derived from electromagnetic forces between atoms and electrons, and so cannot be calculated from first principles,.