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Focus Groups

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❶To conduct a successful focus group discussion requires planning.

What is a Focus Group?

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Outline Your Research Design
Rationale and uses of focus groups

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History Of The Focus Group

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focus group has individuals with characteristics of the overall population and can contribute to helping the research gain a greater understanding of the topic. A focus group is most effective with participants.

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Advantages of focus groups include the possibility of obtaining primary data through non-verbal channels, as well as, verbal channels and approaching the research area from various perspectives. As is it is the case with any other research method, focus gropes have some disadvantages as well.

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Focus groups are a form of qualitative research that is commonly used in product marketing and marketing research, but it is a popular method within sociology as well. During a focus group, a group of individuals -- usually people -- is brought together in a room . Focus group methods emerged in the s with the work of Merton and Fiske who used focus groups to conduct audience studies. Characteristics of focus groups The design of focus group research will vary based on the research question being studied.

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2 Focus Group MethodoloGy The quote above is taken from a study by Deevia Bhana () in her research on how HIV and AIDS are interpreted and made meaningful by seven- and eight-year-. methods. Focus groups, like other qualitative methods, are useful in providing interpretations Data Collection Methods for Program. Evaluation: Focus Groups. This brief is about focus groups as a data collection method for evaluation. This brief includes a basic overview Research Team at. [email protected] You can also contact us via our.