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Eighth grade Social Studies

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Please find below some assistance for the 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th graders. It may be necessary to copy and paste the websites in order to download the three fields of knowledge. This is a large file. By studying and perusing these sites, students should be well prepared for testing situations. Of course, it is expected that students will keep up with daily work. Additional content will be added throughout the school year.

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Grade 6 The Frontier. What was the leading cause of death for travelers along the Oregon Trail? Attacks Disease Drowning Freezing. What was the most common type of wagon on the Oregon Trail? Stagecoaches Conastogas Covered Wagons Wains. Grade 6 Civil War. A person who works to bring an end to slavery is called a n. What was the name of the series of safe houses abolitionists used to give shelter to slaves escaping to the North?

Hammurabi Nabopolassar Sargon Nebuchadnezzar. Grade 6 Dynastic China. What are four great inventions from Ancient China? The Code of Hammurabi treated all citizens the same. Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean. The ancient Mayans lived in what modern day part of the world? Grade 6 Roman Empire.

Who was the first Emperor to become Christian? Constantine Julius Caeser Augustus Justinian. Grade 6 Colonial Period. The Intolerable Acts were a direct response to what event?

What was the first permanent English settlement in America? Which famous Greek philosopher tutored Alexander the Great?

Social Studies

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Enhance your Prospects with Impeccable Answers to Social Studies Homework by Online Social Studies Helper Many students possess the talent to . Resources / Answers / Social Studies. GO. Ask a question. Ask questions and get free answers from expert tutors. Ask. Social Studies Answers Most It is for review for the social study final Jun 14 | Andie from Cayuga, NY | 0 Answers.