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Short Story About High School Essay

Looking for Short Stories on a Particular Subject or Theme?

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The Story of an Hour | Kate Chopin
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Don't let that stop you. Frost uses about 1, words to teach you something about the complexity of life, death, marriage, longing, loss, and parenthood.

Take note of the emotional and physical position of the characters in relationship to one another over the course of the poem. And please take the time to consider the historical context: An incomplete list of presidents? That is an incomplete list of presidential couples that lost at least one child. This poem was not addressing a remote emotional experience when written in It was addressing a tragedy and emotional trauma that was all too common in the United States then and is still too common in many parts of the world today.

In this man versus man versus nature story, two feuding neighbors venture into the woods carrying guns; one to hunt, the other to put down a trespasser. The two are fated to meet and reap the rewards of their bitter quarrel over a piece of land.

We now turn to New Zealander Katherine Mansfield for a short story that is multi-themed and laden with symbolism. What are the messages the author delivers in this story? What does the fly represent? Are there any ideas that reappear in the story? The Fly is a great candidate story for an essay or classroom discussion. The story provides the literary experience of looking at a mountain field; the longer you look, the more you see. Every student's perspective is different and so is their view of this story's field.

A delightful mosaic of stand-alone, but related stories describing the development of a young man, George Willard , as he comes of age. The stories mark the significant episodes and relationships that have shaped his life and formed his character.

The stories build toward the moment when he will leave Winesburg and his youth behind. Each story can be enjoyed independently, revealing flawed yet endearing characters in Anderson's naturalist style. Read "The Japanese Quince" 1, words. A man completes a circuit that connects all the supercomputers of all the inhabited planets of the universe — all ninety-six billion of them.

In ten years of taking evening walks, Leonard Mead has never met up with another person; it's common for everyone to stay inside and watch television.

He is spotted by the police and approached. Read "The Pedestrian" 1, words. Melpomenus is a clergyman who has trouble saying goodbye after visiting people. Before his vacation starts, he visits a couple for tea. He is persuaded to stay much longer than he wanted. Carole, a young girl, is on a plane by herself going to see her grandparents. The couple seated by her start asking about her background. Bill and Ruthie are on a road trip. Bill finds her conversation simplistic; she refuses to argue anything.

Barbarita goes to the doctor so she can get her green card approved. Her friend Mima comes with her to translate. It doesn't go smoothly. A local despot proclaims that all aged people are to be put to death. A poor farmer prepares to let his mother die in a humane way — by bringing her to a mountain and leaving her there. Read "The Aged Mother" words. The Sheriff locks up Jim in the town jail. Lots of people come by to get the details, asking him if it was an accident.

He keeps saying his daughter was hungry, and she had been a lot lately. Read "Daughter" 1, words. A man returns to his campsite with freshly-picked blackberries. His wife starts talking about being out of milk, and of a theater tour in New York. He talks about frying up some cattails and other things they can do where they are.

Read "Blackberries" words. An English professor's father is enrolled in his class. He feels his father had been hard on him so he returns the favor by giving him a C. Read "A Gentleman's C" words. Judson and Mabel Webb are preparing to leave their mountain cottage for the winter to return to the city.

When they left last winter, someone broke in and stole some of Judson's liquor. He expects the thief to return, so he prepares a surprise. Read "Ruthless" 1, words. A young girl is attending Catholic school her first year in the United States. She learns some English words, eventually becoming aware of the communist threat. In the year Tommy finds a real book. It is about how school was in the old days.

He and Margie talk about how different school used to be with human teachers. Read "The Fun They Had" 1, words. An express train passes by a cottage on the outskirts of a town for over a twenty year period. This means a lot to the engineer. Read "The Far and the Near" 1, words. A young girl and her brother find a fish in a narrow well. She doesn't know how it got there, and she thinks about how it has been alone for so long. Read "The Appointment in Samarra" words.

They keep crashing in, and high tide is approaching. Read "The Wave" 1, words. They decide to read some of her old letters, which reveals an old secret. The narrator remembers a feeling from her childhood when she was unselfconscious about her body and appearance. Read "Pilon" words. Ivan is known in his village as a timid, fearful man.

When he walks home at night he goes the long way around the cemetery, even though it's cold. One night he is challenged to cross the cemetery. Read "Cemetery Path" words. Moved by childhood memories, a man leaves his own affluent neighborhood and goes exploring. He ends up in a seedy area.

He can't blend in because he's driving a Mercedes. Read "Identities" 1, words. Myop is a ten-year-old girl who is out exploring the woods behind her family's sharecropper cabin on a beautiful summer day. As she starts to head home she makes a shocking discovery. Read "The Flowers" words. Rosaura has been invited to Luciana's birthday party. Rosaura's mother works as a maid for Luciana's mother. She doesn't like the idea of her daughter going to "a rich people's party.

Read "The Stolen Party" 2, words. Chaim the carpenter returns to his town. He is barely recognizable. He is the first Jew to return since the occupation. A family is living in their third apartment since the beginning of World War II. It's late but they can't go to bed until they play the key game—the mother imitates the doorbell, the boy delays answering while pretending he is looking for the keys, and the father hides. Read "The Key Game" words.

The narrator tells us about her name—what it means in Spanish and English, its history in her family and whether it suits her.

Read "My Name" words. While reading a paperback novel, the narrator discovers an alien threat to Earth.

The author casually describes beings with inhuman abilities. At a dinner party, a spirited discussion breaks out over whether women can keep calm in a crisis. Read "The Dinner Party" words. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I agree about Miss Brill. Unfortunately, it's too long to include on this page. Thanks for stopping by! Miss Brill is a great story.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Visit Short Story Guide to find the right one. The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin A woman is given the news that her husband has been killed in a railroad accident.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty James Thurber A passive and put-upon man has a series of daydreams while driving his wife on her weekly errands. Girl Jamaica Kincaid A mother imparts advice to her daughter on how to behave and how to be a woman. Miss Brill Katherine Mansfield Miss Brill, a middle-aged woman, takes her weekly Sunday walk in the park to observe and listen to people.

Luck Samuel Langhorne Clemens Mark Twain An English military captain wins all his campaigns and continues to advance his career despite blundering at every turn. Read "Luck" 1, words. The Chaser John Collier A young man buys a love potion, but is surprised to find it only costs a dollar. Three Questions Leo Tolstoy A king wants the answers to what he considers to be the three most important questions.

Snow Ann Beattie A woman recounts the time she spent in the country with her lover and realizes that he viewed the same events differently. A Continuity of Parks Julio Cortazar A man resumes reading a novel that he had started a few days earlier. Barney Will Stanton A scientist on a deserted island conducts experiments to try to increase the intelligence of a rat. The Reticence of Lady Anne Saki Egbert tries to break the ice with his wife whom he had argued with earlier.

One of These Days Gabriel Garcia Marquez A corrupt mayor goes to an unlicensed dentist for treatment of an abscessed tooth. Neil Gaiman This is about an old man.

The School Donald Barthelme In a monologue, a teacher relates all the experiences with death that his class had one year. This story is written in a conversational style. Home Gwendolyn Brooks A man tries to get an extension on his mortgage payments. Read "Home" words Home is a chapter from the novel Maud Martha , but it has often been anthologized as a short story.

Yours Mary Robison Allison, thirty-five, and her husband Clark, seventy-eight, carve pumpkins in the evening until one o'clock the next morning. Read "Yours" words This story has a bit of a twist ending. Cover Letter Job Application. Research Paper Middle School. Common App Personal Essay Prompt 1. Common App Personal Essay Prompt 2.

Common App Personal Essay Prompt 3. Common App Personal Essay Prompt 4. Common App Personal Essay Prompt 5. Common App Transfer Essay. University of California Personal Insight Question 1. University of California Personal Insight Question 2. University of California Personal Insight Question 3.

University of California Personal Insight Question 4. Awesome Lab Report Template. Research Paper Global Warming.

Global Warming Essay Analytical. Global Warming Essay Argumentative. Child Abuse Essay Analytical. Gun Control Essay Analytical.

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Read story High School Life (Essay) by katenicooole (Kate Nicole) with , reads. student, crooked, high. High School Life (Essay) by katenicoooleReviews:

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Sep 21,  · Well-known, popular short short stories. Perfect for high school or middle school students, or anyone who loves fashionlosdaeroh.cfs:

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A selection of great short stories for High School students. These stories have been selected to deepen a students appreciation of the short story form, and will help them improve critical thinking and analytical skills while they prepare for college. The Fly is a great candidate story for an essay or classroom discussion. The story. Objective: Students will analyze 2 short stories for theme and point of view, and begin pre-writing for a comparative essay on them. High School 15, Views.

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Free short story papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned - Short stories are pieces of high creativity that develop their themes and plot in a short way. The writers of short stories are usually faced by the challenge of limited time and space. I wouldn't want you late to your first day of high school," her. View this essay on Short Story About High School. Sierra was one of those girls everyone hated and everyone secretly wanted to be except me I just hated her.