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Glossary of Key Terms

❶Tone color, quality of sound that distinguishes one verse or instrument to another. A 17th century dance written in Quadruple time, always beginning on the third beat of the measure.

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Key term. Birth rate Death rate Infant mortality rate Total fertility rate Life expectancy Natural increase Migration Population pyramid (age-sex pyramid) LEDC MEDC Demographic transition model (DTM) Family planning Ageing population Youthful population Dependent population Population explosion Over populated Under /5(3).

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3. Make a separate list of these specific words. 4. Add to your list any other words that mean the same thing (synonyms) or are related terms. 5. Think of more words or phrases that describe the larger topic, of which your topic is a part. Add those to the list. 6.

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The following list represents key terms that are important to the NYS VBP Program and are commonly referred to in the NYS VBP Roadmap. This document is intended to support MCOs, providers, community based organizations (CBO) and stakeholders in their transition to VBP. One of the key preachers of the great awakening. Had seven revival tours, very popular man. "New Light" preacher, known for his talented voice inflection and ability to bring many a person to their knees.

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Their terms are 2 years long and they can serve a maximum of 4 terms. In rare cases, they may be able to serve 8 years. The picture above shows where this person lives. A Brief Glossary of Musical Terms Glossary of Musical Terms. Term Definition; A cappella - One or more vocalists performing without an accompaniment. Successive notes of a key or mode either ascending or descending. Scherzo - Pertaining to the sonata form, a fast movement in triple time.