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Finding the General Term of a Sequence

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Sequences recursively defined

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General Term
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General term of a sequence

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Definition of general term.: a mathematical expression composed of variables and constants that yields the successive terms of a sequence or series when integers are .

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Let's look at an example to see how we use this general term. Here's a new sequence: {2, 4, 6,}. We want to find the value of the number that is the 25th place in our sequence. Our n in this case is

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General term is distinguishable from special term, in that the latter entails the hearing of motions, which are applications for court orders, arguments, the disposition of various types of formal business, or the trial of a special list or class of cases. In general terms definition: If you describe something in general terms, you describe it without giving details. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Definition and general term of a sequence. Definition and general term of a sequence. A sequence is a sorted and infinite collection of real numbers. Small letters usually denote the sequences. Life insurance from American General Life to help protect your loved ones financially. Request a free easy term life insurance quote online today!