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Non-verbal Observation

Essay: Non-Verbal Communication

❶Among the policies in organizations is proper communication and transfer of informmation.

Observing and describing verbal and nonverbal communication Essay Sample

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Explain what would constitute normative behaviors for the situation person, group you will be testing. Develop an experiment where you break with normative behavior in the chosen dimension of nonverbal communication. Explain in detail the intent of your experiment, the expected outcome, and how you will carry it out. Carry out your experiment with an individual or small group of people.

These people may not be relatives i. Explain how you carried out your experiment and include contextual variables which had bearing on the situation such as environmental noise, other people in the environment, other situational norms, etc. Provide a summary evaluation of the results of each experiment. Ponder some or all of the following as you write your thoughts: Why does the norm exist?

How important is it? How uncomfortable did it make the person feel? What did the person do to address the breach? Did the person use primarily verbal or nonverbal tactics to deal with the situation?

Perform these basic steps for all three of your chosen nonverbal breaching experiments. When you are finished write a summary approximately one page telling what you learned about nonverbal interpersonal communication through this. If you do debrief subjects, explain what you did and how they responded.

The influence and effect of verbal and non verbal communication is also witnessed in juvenile facilities. These may include and not limited to employees, peers and inmates. In the case of peers the effect is also quantifiable. This happens when colleagues in a working or learning environment use a language that may bring differences among friends and peers.

While in the working environment the undue use of language to other working colleagues may result to poor performance hence lowering of the general work outputs. This is true in the sense that the employees will lose the team-work that is a vital tool for good performance in their organization.

Lastly, the lives of the inmates are greatly affected by the communication behavior of the police while they are in the cell. Some of these inmates assume low self esteem while some of them feel that they are maltreated. This is why some of them end up committing suicide. There are communications guidelines for all these areas discussed here above that will ensure that information is passed on without affecting anybody.

In every sector say police, working organization and in cells best communication behavior is advocated. In all these places mentioned there is expertise that ensures that all matters of conflict are amicably solved. So it is the policies of these organizations that should be put first.

Among the policies in organizations is proper communication and transfer of informmation. There are trained persons within these departments that are responsible for the dissemination of information to the else of the public, work mates and intended recipients.

With the case of police giving public announcement to the public, only a trained police spokesperson should be the one to convey the information since he has the skill on that field. Well delivered in the sense that it does not cause any undue influence to the recipients. The information should be clear, defining the time frame and the target group.

It should convey the response expected from the target group of persons. For instance, if it is an impending disaster and the public is expected to relocate, it should define the dangers if they fail to relocate. If it is an outbreak of a disease, it should define the emergence responses from the government and on how to avoid any causality.

So in this case the police should use proper language on verbal and non verbal communication. This will also ensure that there is shared responsibility and the public is informed on current issues affecting the society. On the witness case in courtroom, a trained and experienced representation from the police should give the findings of investigation so that the case is not unduly influenced in it is decision.

Incorrect assumptions regarding the utterances of others often lead to negative interactive elements, such as stress, mismatched expectations and miscommunication.

This in turn leads to damaged relationships that could otherwise have functioned well with a simple well-directed question. According to Walters, self-knowledge is as important as self-management in conversation. This can also be accomplished by questioning. Asking oneself questions leads to a greater knowledge of oneself, as well as the ability to better understand others. When understanding oneself by means of targeted questioning, it is easier to understand others through targeted questioning in conversation.

The effect of this is often that the speaker feels understood, that the listener is interested in what he or she is saying. As a talk target, communicate with difficult conversationalists become easy by means…… [Read More]. Communication and Relationships Initiation of a relationship is a behavior not unlike other human behaviors. If one takes the perspective of a behaviorist, then identifying the stimulus -- response chains is helpful in determining which variables appear to be most important to certain individuals.

Several key variables have been found to play an important role in the initiation of human relationships, including proximity, non-verbal behavior, and physical appearance and attractiveness. The influence and the synergy between these variables in the staging of new relations are discussed further in the sections that follow.

On the street where you live. Assuming that attraction indicates an interest in getting to know a person better, one can assume that there has been some contact between the two people.

This proximity is a generally regarded to be a precondition of attraction -- although variants do occur, such as adoration of a movie star from afar…… [Read More]. Communication Eskimos When We Think. This value plays a key role in the manner with which the Eskimos interact with each other as well as with other people. This value is taught very early in the life of every Eskimo. In the article published by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada , this value was explained as, "this belief causes Inuit to often feel a certain degree of discomfort when exercising authority over other Inuit, even if the position they hold necessitates such authority.

This value that the Eskimos uphold, plays a crucial role in the way employers act with their Eskimo employees. The value of leadership is also important to Eskimos. However, leadership is on a different level among Eskimos. Unlike the usual leader who delegates tasks to people, for the Eskimos, the leader…… [Read More].

Communication in Organizations Analysis of. From the experiences, I have had in organizations that work to combine autonomy, mastery and purpose, the level of performance goes up and becomes the new norm of corporate performance. The many studies of motivation underscore that when autonomy, mastery and purpose are combined, long-term learning and motivation occur amsey, The communication networks and channels within organizations are accentuated and made more effective when these three attributes become the foundation of long-term learning and growth over time.

In conclusion, the culture, incentive, and leadership within a given organization have a major impact on the effectiveness of communication networks and channels within organizations. When there is a transformational mindset about aggregating content, data and information then transforming it from a system of record to competitive advantage, companies can use their expertise to compete more effectively.

In many respects, this ability to compete more effectively based on better use of information…… [Read More]. Communications -- Building Trust in. More specifically, because the potential for miscommunication, misunderstanding, and pejorative or other negative interpretations is so much greater in remote communications especially through email SHM, , the implications of failure to establish trust remotely are even greater.

As Yoong points out, that is largely a function of the fact that genuineness in expressions of cultural awareness and sensitivity as opposed to patronizing or otherwise insincere expressions is absolutely crucial. Sincerity and genuineness are much more difficult to communicate effectively in impersonal communications media SHM, ; Yoong, Therefore, appropriate expressions and other manifestations of cultural awareness and sensitivity are most appropriately communicated to virtual working groups via two-way video conferencing instead of other less personal methods of communications, notwithstanding the substantive sufficiency or factual accuracy of those expressions in writing, for example SHM, ;Yoong, Communication in the Health Care Environment Effective.

Communication in the Health Care Environment: Effective communication between patients, physicians, family members, and nurses is one of the most important elements in the delivery of care. Actually, the lack of effective communication in the health care sector contributes to poor delivery of care services since it enhances the likelihood of mistakes due to lack of clarity. Therefore, in order for the health care system to accomplish its goal of improved patient outcomes, there must be effective communication.

Every stakeholder involved in the health care industry or system acts as an agent of communication either verbally or through non-verbal signals.

This is primarily because the delivery of care involves the transmission of millions of messages among several stakeholders on a daily basis. In the modern health care system, the delivery procedures involve several crossing points and patient handoffs among the many health care practitioners.

As part of interpersonal communication, collaborative…… [Read More]. Communication Skills Attendant upon my transition into the role of Mental Health Staff Nurse, I have devised the following reflective model-to-action plan for the formulation of workable communication skills. The foregoing necessitated a revolutionary change in my personal understanding of communication skills and my selection of the best rudimentary skills to which I might lay claim…… [Read More].

Communication Within the Context of. Additionally, the very peculiar relationship between modern information technologies and the business must somehow be conceptualized if a proper model of knowledge transfer is to be attained. So, while in some cases, technology may serve as an obvious way to optimize the transfer of knowledge and overcome the barriers of routines, these same technologies, in different settings or with different individuals, will create more barriers and less effective routines.

The fundamental concern must be attaining an applicable model of knowledge transfer, and perhaps the willingness to employ the idea of replication wherever it can be straightforwardly implemented. Traditionally, many careers have been subject to gender specific designations. Obviously, numerous broad fields of work like medicine and law have historically been dominated by men, while women have been relegated to secretarial, nursing, or other subordinate positions.

In recent decades this trend has come under fire and gender is no-longer widely accepted…… [Read More]. Crucial Conversations A crucial conversation which I was a part of recently involved an experience which concerned a patient going through end of life care.

During this conversation I had to bring to the other nurse's attention the fact that some of her actions were offending the patient and the patient's family and that during this difficult time that really was not acceptable.

For example, during the conversation I explained to the nurse that eye contact with this middle eastern ethnic group was supposed to be avoided, as was pointing as both were considered extremely offensive.

The other nurse also tried to prevent candles from being lit and folk dishes from being eaten in the room. I explained to her that within this culture it was an inherent and important part of the ritual of death and a way to honor the dying. It was apparent that…… [Read More]. Management Communication One Situation That. For instance, doctors usually tend to show the real situation through their facial expressions. According to Smith, There are no occurring contradictions as signs of body expressions or gestures are understandable to the family members" This kind of example only demonstrates the success of using nonverbal communication.

In the case we mentioned, the emotional pain showed by a physician is almost equivalent to telling the real truth to the patient's family about the patient's health condition.

Here, the flow of information gathered from a nonverbal form is effective because despite of lack of speech, the sender is able to deliver the message that he wants to convey. The book of Smith reiterates that the symbols exist in nonverbal communication. Symbols are sometimes used in hospitals to deliver information about a patient. Symbols such as medical symbols cannot be understood by a layman unless they are explained to him by…… [Read More]. Golden Rule of Cross-Cultural Communications.

Finally, it should be noted that anxiety and language can hamper communication between people of the identical culture if the context is not mutually understood. Anecdotally, this author once requested a copy of a Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess from an elderly man behind a counter in a small-town used bookstore who appeared to be the husband of the full-time owner, who was away. The kindly man squirmed a bit, stared blankly into space and repeated the words one at a time: It was clear he understood the mother tongue and the meanings of the individual words, but taken together, he did not understand them in their context as being a reference to a book and motion picture by the same name, highlighting the universal need for context in day-to-day communications with anyone from any culture.

Conclusion As the globalization process continues to…… [Read More]. Personal Statement Describe the Communication. The Japanese man may fail to make eye contact, mumble his responses, and stand far away from his negotiating opposite, while, in frustration with this apparent diffidence, the Lebanese man may raise his voice, lean across the table, nod vigorously, do anything to raise the energy level of the room, potentially intimidate his opponent, but simply look weak because of his force and high level of animation.

The plethora of courses in cross cultural communications show there is a need for future original study and analysis in this area, but it is an area that has not been addressed, except in passing, or in brackets, as of yet.

Describe what you envision as your own contributions to knowledge in these areas. The use of body language, I believe, must be studied more not only in terms of how it is deployed, but also the question of how mutable it is,…… [Read More]. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication: Communicating through nonverbal behaviours. Nonverbal communication between parents and adolescents: Journal of Nonverbal Behaviour 18 1.

Forms and Functions 2nd Ed. The Power of Nonverbal Communication: The author has focused on the effects of non-verbal communication on human beings and how it can play a substantial role in building relationships or associations. The book also highlights that the human nature takes decisions that are based on their subconscious impressions when communication is involved.

Similarly, the paper has also provided a useful overview of how effective this communication can be. Intentional Interviewing and Counseling: This book has provided with the essential tools that needs to be considered and likewise acclimatize basic skills in order to meet uniqueness.

The author has compared how communication both verbal and non-verbal can create an impact on the learning process and form behaviors of individuals, which has been reflected within the report as well.

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In a travel article about Stockholm, Alford relates tales that reveal the unique communication styles of Sweden. These styles can be conceptualized in terms of Hoftstede's cultural dimensions. For example, Swedish society has quite a low power distance; its culture is not hierarchical and is self-defined as being "socialist" in spirit Alford, , p. Moreover, as Alford points out, most people in Stockholm also have a cabin in the woods or on an island -- highlighting the relatively flat social structure that has a low distance between haves and have-nots p.

The power distance factor in Sweden can be readily compared to more hierarchical societies, such as India, in which the haves and the have-nots are separated by wide and usually insurmountable chasms. Even the United States has a higher power distance factor than does Sweden, as many Americans are fundamentally opposed to social institutions and structures that generate equality such as free higher education for all citizens, and free healthcare funded by taxpayer dollars.

As American onlooker Alford describes it, " New parents get days of parental leave?! Everyone I talk to seems to have a summer house on an island?! As Allwood points out, Sweden shares many communication traits in common with other Nordic countries like Finland.

However, there are a few culture-specific variables that should be taken into account to better understand non-verbal communication patterns.

One is specific to social gatherings in which alcohol is involved. Allwood notes that in Sweden, it is customary for each guest to bring and drink his or her own alcoholic beverages rather than expect the host to provide it.

Moreover, the guests will not start drinking until a communal toast has been proposed Allwood, This is somewhat similar to the Jamaican custom of not starting to eat at a party until the host makes an invitation to do so; which is ironic given the informal nature of Jamaican communication styles in general "Jamaica: Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette," n. Swedes appreciate informality, but do not appreciate superficiality in terms of conversation topics and styles "Sweden: Allwood also notes that Swedish teaching styles are noticeably different from those in other cultures including other Nordic cultures.

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So in this essay, I have mostly highlighted on importance of knowledge of non-verbal communication in our daily life, and its equality with verbal communication. First of all, it is important to make clear-cut distinction between verbal and non verbal communication.

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Nonverbal communication is a silent form of communication, which has a great influence over our social environment and the whole communication process. Nonverbal communication allows us to send messages to others conveying what we are feeling or thinking without verbal language.

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- The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication Communication, to me is the most important tool to survival and success and is used daily by everyone. I have always felt a particular need to increase my personal levels of communication and language skills. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Essay. A. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. Verbal and nonverbal communication is one segment of communication where you can see a lot as an everyday thing. When using verbal and non-verbal communication, you want to make sure that you are using it correctly.

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- Non Verbal Communication Xu, staples and Shen define nonverbal communication as “facial expression and body language” and further mentions that communication is a reciprocal process between 2 or more people relaying understanding, ensuring the output is . This essay is about non-verbal communication. Communication exists in various forms. One of the ways in which people communicate is through non-verbal communication. This form of communication consists of people conveying messages and information to one another without actually saying anything.