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❶Cuadritos en Fibrofacil Personalizados.

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Souvenir Acrilico — Moto Chopper. Souvenir de Acrilico — Corazon con Delfin. Corona Princesa de Acrilico. Portaretrato en Fibrofacil — Auto. Carroza de Fibrofacil con Caballos — Carruaje. Souvenir de Acrilico — Estatuilla Oscar. Portaretratos con Nombres en Fibrofacil. Cruz con Oracion en Fibrofacil. Angel con Oracion en Fibrofacil. Porta Lapices Fibrofacil — Unicornio.

Posavasos en Fibrofacil — 10 x 10 cm. Souvenir de Fibrofacil — Cruces. Porta Sahumerios en Fibrofacil. Cochecito de Bebe en Fibrofacil.

Souvenir de Acrilico — Unicornio. Puzzle Hexagonal en Fibrofacil. Souvenir de Acrilico — Mariposa y Notas Musicales. Carrozas en Fibrofacil — Centro de Mesa. Bandejas de Fibrofacil — Desayuno. Souvenir de Acrilico — Corazon y Palo de Hockey. Porta Celulares en Fibrofacil. Souvenir de Acrilico — Bandoneon y Sombrero. Portalapices y Porta Celular en Fibrofacil.

Cuadros Portallaves — Fibrofacil. Portaretratos para 3 fotos — Flor. Souvenir de Acrilico — Pescador. Cruces de Acrilico — Dijes. Servilleteros de Fibrofacil — Arbol de la Vida. Souvenir de Acrilico — Estatua de la Libertad. Souvenir de Acrilico — Cristo Redentor. Souvenir de Acrilico — Torre de Pisa. Souvenir de Acrilico — Chica y Cerveza. Souvenir de Acrilico — Chica Sexy. Souvenir de Acrilico — Claqueta Cine Pizarra.

Cajas de Fibrofacil Caladas y Grabadas. Carroza en Fibrofacil con Caballos. Cajitas de Te Para Souvenir en Fibrofacil. Souvenir De Acrilico — Caballo y Herradura. Souvenir Corona de Acrilico. Souvenir en Acrilico — Arbol de la Vida. Souvenir de Acrilico — Diamante — 8cm. Cajas de Te en Fibrofacil — Casita. Macetitas en Fibrofacil — Candy Bar. Bicicleta en Fibrofacil — Candy Bar. Souvenirs Acrilico — Minnie — Mickey.

Souvenir Acrilico Bodas — Corazon y Pareja. Bandejitas Decorativas de Fibrofacil — Corazon. Espejo de Mano Vintage en Fibrofacil. Cofres de Fibrofacil — Souvenir.

Arboles de la Vida — 10cm. Souvenir Acrilico — Corona. Llaveros Corona de Acrilico. Llaveros de acrilico con Nombres. Cuadritos en Fibrofacil Personalizados. Llaveros Fibrofacil — Dia de la Madre. Portaretrato Princesa Sofia y Espejo. Portaretrato Princesa y Carroza. Souvenir de Acrilico — Angelito. Souvenir Acrilico — Clave de Sol. Mini Kiosko Golosinero Fibrofacil. Burrito Porta Mini Fernet — 5cl. Portallaves Portaretrato de Fibrofacil. Cajitas Fibrofacil Souvenir Casamientos. Caja de Fibrofacil con Aplique.

Portavelas Fibrofacil — Fanales. Torre Eiffel en Fibrofacil — Centro de Mesa — 26cm. Llaveros de Acrilico — 5cm. Alcancias en Fibrofacil con Traba y Aplique.

Mini Atriles de Fibrofacil — 13x13cm. Repisa Fibrofacil — 30 x 20cm. Cerco de Fibrofacil — Candy Bar. Arboles de la Vida en Fibrofacil. Cajita Doble Tapa Fibrofacil Souvenir. Jaula Fibrofacil — Centro de mesa. Mini Cunitas de Fibrofacil. Souvenir Dragon Ball Z — Acrilico. Souvenir Fibrofacil Corazon Mis 15 — 10 cm. Souvenir Fibrofacil Estrella — 10 cm. Souvenir Fibrofacil Luna y Estrella — 10 cm. Souvenir Fibrofacil Flor 10 cm.

Souvenir de 15 — Estrella con Frase. Souvenir Acrilico Minnie Hada Infantil. Portavelas Calados en Fibrofacil. Carroza de Princesa en Fibrofacil. Porta Fernet 5 cl. Disco de Vinilo y Clave de Sol — Acrilico.

Souvenir de Acrilico — Palos de Hockey. Souvenir Acrilico Camiseta Futbol. Souvenir Hada y Luna Llaveros Madera — Doble Grabado. Souvenir Acrilico — Corazones Entrelazados. Portaretratos Infantiles Minnie — 15cm. Portaretratos Infantiles 15 cm. Cajitas Fibrofacil — 7x5x3cm. Caja en fibrofacil — Souvenir de casamiento. Souvenir Estrella de Acrilico. Souvenir 15 con Clave de Sol. Souvenir 15 Mariposa de Acrilico.

Virgencitas Porfis en Acrilico. Servilleteros Infantiles en fibrofacil. Rompecabezas con nombres y grabado laser. Porta Fernet Miniatura 5cl. Porta Fernet Mini 5cl. Portavelas y Fanales — Corazon y Floral. Fanales y Portavelas — Octogonales y Flores.

Portavelas Fanales — Cuadrados y Redondos. Cajitas Fibrofacil Caladas y Grabadas. Also, check and see if the same problem occurs when accessing through a desktop. Labelling the units as you know them may confuse other users who may associate endothermic and exothermic reactions with the topic chemical reactions rather than C3.

We do coordinate with subject specialists to ensure that the study guides are accessible and understood across all exam boards. To answer your final point, we found through research that Economics GCSE was not as popular or in as much need for resources as other subjects.

This most likely does not help you now, but I hope that it gives you some clarity on how we decide and carry out processes in Bitesize. I really appreciate your honest review and I hope that you continue to use Bitesize.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. New, simpler sign-in to get you to your flashcards faster! We also use your data to improve the app performance. We've made some important changes to our Privacy and Cookies Policy and we want you to know what this means for you and your data.

Re-homed some bugs that were wreaking havoc with the Bitesize app. But don't worry, no bugs were harmed in the making of this app.

Now you can use your Bitesize app on the big screen! If you're studying GCSE Science, we've got loads of great new content And we've squashed even more nasty bugs that would cause the app to crash.

We no longer need your school year to let you pick your subjects. We've also added some links to other education providers, and squashed some nasty bugs that would cause the app to crash. We've fixed some bugs introduced when iOS11 was released.

We've added some messaging to help if you change your nation. We've sorted some bugs to fix the display of some arithmetic symbols, to make editing your exam board easier, and to make sign in and registration more accessible.

Improvements to make the app more reliable in the next school year as well as some updates to Welsh language labels, and improved accessibility.

Fixes a crash some people see after updating their account details. Fixes a crash at startup for some users. Brilliant 8 Jul Developer Response 2 Jul Good but stuff missing 24 Mar Developer Response 28 Mar

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GCSE is the qualification taken by 15 and 16 year olds to mark their graduation from the Key Stage 4 phase of secondary education in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking. Chemistry is the study of the composition, behaviour and properties of matter, and of the. Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study.

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